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US President's Asian Tour Censured by FM Spokesman

Korean Central News Agency of DPRK via Korea News Service (KNS)

Pyongyang, April 29 (KCNA) -- The spokesman for the Foreign Ministry of the DPRK issued the following statement on Tuesday:

U.S. President Obama toured Japan, south Korea, Malaysia and Philippines from April 23 to 29.

As warned by the DPRK of the danger of his junket on April 21, it was clearly confirmed that Obama's tour was a dangerous one as it was aimed to bring dark clouds of more acute confrontation and nuclear arms race to Asia.

Obama proved in practice that the U.S. hegemonic 'strategy for rebalancing' in the Asia-Pacific region is being pushed forward in real earnest.

In Japan he officially declared for the first time as U.S. president that islets of dispute between China and Japan come within the scope of the application of the U.S.-Japan security treaty, thus confirming that it is natural for the U.S. forces to interfere in case of military conflict between China and Japan. He also supported Japan's readiness to exercise the right to collective self-defense though it is censured by regional countries for attempting to call back the departed soul of militarism.

After flying into south Korea he agreed to postpone indefinitely the transfer of the right to command wartime operations by the U.S. forces present in south Korea and build a missile shield with the south Korean puppet forces involved. He went the lengths of blustering that 'the U.S. would not hesitate to use military force to protect its allies and their lives.'

In Philippines he signed a new military agreement which calls for regularly dispatching U.S. forces to Philippines and jointly using their base, etc.

Facts clearly prove that his tour was designed for undisguised confrontation to retain a tighter grip on allies of the U.S. and encircle and contain its rivals in Eurasia, pursuant to the U.S. Asia-Pacific strategy for domination and scenario for aggression from A to Z.

The danger of his Asian junket found a more vivid manifestation in the issue of the Korean peninsula.

Before his tour the U.S. kicked off together with south Korean puppet forces the largest-ever war maneuvers aimed to 'occupy Pyongyang', the military exercises to apply the 'tailored deterrence strategy', the scenario for preemptive nuclear attack on the DPRK.

Such being a hard fact, Obama, touring Japan and south Korea, cried out for harsher 'sanctions', 'pressure' and did not rule out the use of military force, labeling the DPRK's inevitable steps for self-defence 'provocation' and 'threat'.

Not content with this, he did not conceal his inveterate repugnancy toward the social system of the DPRK, describing it as a 'forsaken state' and jabbering its pursuance of the program to develop nuclear weapons would leave it further isolated.

He also uttered that the denuclearization should be placed on the agenda of dialogue but, in actuality, he flatly denied dialogue for discussing something.

By doing so, he declared before the world that the U.S. hostile policy toward the DPRK remains unchanged, the U.S. tries to bring down the DPRK by force and it began to carry out such scenario.

The DPRK had already advised the Obama administration to coolly ponder over whether its hostile policy toward the DPRK is in the final interests of the U.S. or not.

However, he declared that the U.S. seeks to ignite a nuclear war on the Korean peninsula to realize its Asia-Pacific strategy, thereby throwing his initiative to build 'a world without nuclear weapons' into a wastebasket and making the prospect of realizing the denuclearization of the Korean peninsula gloomier.

He will have to pay for this in the mid-term parliamentary election due in November this year.

During his tour he took much pain to bring the U.S. allies closer to it, vociferating about someone's 'provocation' and 'threat,' but failed to reap desired results.

On the contrary, he openly revealed the hegemonic nature of the 'strategy for rebalancing' in the Asia-Pacific region only to spark off strong rebuff of his rivals from the very outset and arouse great concern worldwide.

His reckless acts only escalated the danger of confrontation and conflict in the Asia-Pacific region and gave further momentum to the opposition to him.

The Obama group is making desperate efforts to prop up the position of the U.S. as 'the only superpower' on decline in the Asia-Pacific region but it is too late.

What remains to be done by the Obama group is to watch what kind of seeds of fire sown by him this time would develop into flames that may affect the U.S.

The DPRK will advance along the road of bolstering up nuclear deterrent, unhindered, now that the U.S. brings the dark clouds of a nuclear war to hang over the DPRK.

There is no statute of limitations to the DPRK's declaration that it will not rule out a new form of nuclear test clarified by it in the March 30 statement.

This is the exercise of the inviolable right to self-defence.

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