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Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMD)

Agent of S. Korean Intelligence Service Interviewed

Korean Central News Agency of DPRK via Korea News Service (KNS)

Pyongyang, February 27 (KCNA) -- Kim Jong Uk, an agent of the south Korean Intelligence Service (IS) who had been arrested while illegally intruding into the DPRK, was interviewed by domestic and foreign media persons at the People's Palace of Culture Thursday.

Present there were media persons of the DPRK and the General Association of Korean Residents in Japan and foreign correspondents and staff members of foreign missions here.

Overseas compatriots staying in the socialist motherland were present there as observers.

Kim Jong Uk spoke first.

He confessed to the crimes committed by him against the DPRK, recalling that he illegally intruded into it by a smuggling boat from Dandong of China at night of October 7 last year and made an overland trip to Pyongyang but was arrested by security men at dawn of the next day before being put under investigation by a relevant organ.

He went on:

At the instructions of the IS, I perpetrated anti-DPRK espionage and religious activities.

Prompted by the idea of bringing down the present government and political system in order to build a 'Christian' country in the north, I introduced and mediated persons from the north as helpers after receiving money from the IS.

Moreover, I set up an underground church in Dandong and brought there people from the north and gathered confidential information about the north by letting them write stories about it or having conversations with them before providing it to the IS.

I made a sermon to insult the north's political system before people from the north and let them have prayer meetings or write stories hurting it. I also egged them on to conduct dissident actions before south Korean and American visitors to Dandong.

Giving them money, I gave them the task to build an 'underground church', telling them if 'churches' are built wherever there are statues including Mansu Hill and 500 'underground churches' set up in all parts of the north in the future, the north's political system would collapse and there would appear a God-blessed country.

Confessing to his acts of whisking off 'defectors from the north' to the south, Kim said:

In October 2008, I attempted to whisk off four 'defectors from the north' introduced by a reverend working at a human rights organization of south Korea, but I was stopped from taking them away to a third country. I was set free after paying fine.

I whisked off six Chinese residents from the north to south Korea via a third country and sent to the south Jon Yong Chol, north Korean who was on a private business trip, from the underground church operated by himself.

I lured inhabitants of the north to my underground church and made them corrupt ideologically and morally.

I installed a TV set in a rented house which was operating as an underground church so that north Koreans might watch south Korean satellite TV programs, brought there hundreds of anti-DPRK books for their brainwashing. I also egged them on to vie with each other to slander the political system and policies of the north.

I let them watch more than 100 channels including CBS and sex channel over satellite TV. In addition to this, I brought there religious magazines peppered with diaries written by 'defectors from the north' and stories hurling mud at the leadership and social system in the north so that they might read them all the time.

Kim admitted that all the acts perpetrated by him are crimes wantonly violating the law of the DPRK and human rights of its citizens.

He admitted in the course of being questioned by a judicial organ of the DPRK that he committed such crimes, prompted by the inveterate hostility toward it he nurtured while receiving anti-communist education from his early years. He added that he realized all what he has done is foolish things helpful only to outside forces seeking the permanent division of the Korean nation and conservative forces and it is nothing beneficial to the interests of the nation.

Noting even at this moment many 'anti-north' missionaries and those tasked to allure its citizens are perpetrating acts similar to what was done by him at the instruction of the IS in the areas of China adjacent to the northern border of the DPRK, he continued:

Availing myself of this opportunity, I hope the conservative forces including the IS that are abusing even religionists out of bad blood toward their compatriots in the north and the 'anti-north' missionaries who have committed acts of treachery at the former's beck and call, would draw a lesson from what I have done and correct their wrong doings, though belatedly.

I would like to frankly confess before dozens of inhabitants of the DPRK who committed inadvertent crimes due to me that all what I said and did in China in the past are sheer lies and criminal acts and apologize to them for my wrong doings.

Then he answered the questions raised by reporters.

He mentioned in detail how he illegally crossed the border of the DPRK and its course.

He, at the same time, gave a detailed account of the objective of his illegal entry into the DPRK and his aim to use those things contained in his luggage.

He noted his objective was to set up a 'head office of the dissident underground church network' in Pyongyang that would be used for misleading the mindset of the people and bringing down the present government and political system in the DPRK when the time comes and produce films about the situation in the north and activities of 'underground church' and send them to the south Korean church and the IS.

Things he brought with him when crossing the border include Bibles, memory card, 100 MP 3s, medicines, foodstuffs, ultra-mini camera and 40 sex CDs.

He said memory card contained 'Christian' movies, memoirs telling that underground churches played a great role in bringing down socialism in the East European countries, Bible explanation, hymn and so on while those MP 3s contained serial dramas produced on the basis of the book slandering 'human rights issues ' in the north, collections of Bible sermons and so on.

Various kinds of medicines and foodstuffs he had brought with him were meant for distributing them among devotees and the ultra-mini camera was aimed to photograph some places of Pyongyang, activities of the 'underground church' and the site for the 'church'. Sex CDs were meant for letting devotees to copy and sell them on black markets for the purpose of distributing them among many people.

He answered the questions put by correspondents of Russia, China and Japan.

The participants watched videos proving Kim's crimes against the DPRK.

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