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US, Seoul Map Out N. Korea Nuclear Deterrence Plan - Report

RIA Novosti

13:49 08/09/2013

MOSCOW, September 8 (RIA Novosti) – The United States and South Korea have mapped out a joint plan that outlines measures to deter North Korea's nuclear threat, Yonhap news agency said Sunday citing a government source.

The plan "encompasses political, diplomatic and military measures to specify how to provide a nuclear umbrella on the Korean Peninsula in the case of North Korean nuclear provocations," the report said.

The document is expected to be signed at a security meeting between the US and South Korean defense chiefs on October 2.

'Making an official document detailing the US nuclear umbrella reflects its firm commitment against North Korea's atomic weapons threat,' an anonymous source told the agency. 'The deterrence plan can be considered equivalent to an operational plan,' the source said.

The two Koreas technically remain 'at war' since no peace treaty was signed when the Korean War ended in 1953. Tensions mounted on the Korean Peninsula earlier this year after North Korea conducted new nuclear and missile tests.

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