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Kim Jong Un Sends Congratulatory Message to Youth

Korean Central News Agency of DPRK via Korea News Service (KNS)

Pyongyang, August 28 (KCNA) -- The dear respected Kim Jong Un, first secretary of the Workers' Party of Korea (WPK), Monday sent a congratulatory message to the participants in the meeting for celebrating Youth Day and other youth across the country.

In the message Kim Jong Un extended warm congratulations and greetings from the way-off front to the participants in the meeting and the young men and women who are greeting the first Youth Day in the new century of Juche with happiness and excitement.

The celebrations of Youth Day this year are a grand political event that demonstrates the loyalty and stamina of the Korean youth dynamically advancing toward the final victory following the Workers' Party of Korea while glorifying the proud history and tradition of the Korean youth movement that has emerged ever-victorious thanks to the WPK's idea of attaching importance to the youth, he stressed.

Youth Day is an eternal holiday of the Korean youth and it was provided and brought into bloom by President Kim Il Sung and leader Kim Jong Il, he said, and went on:

85 years ago from now, the President formed the Korean Communist Youth League with new-type young revolutionaries and rallied the youth, who were groping for a way to follow in the adverse circumstances of a colony, around a genuine vanguard organization, helping them become the torch shining all over the country and the hammer breaking the chains of slavery in the noble and patriotic struggle for the country and the nation.

Kim Jong Il saw to it that the day was instituted Youth Day to glorify the significant day when the Korean youth movement originated, and give a steady continuity to the precious tradition of the Juche-oriented youth movement.

Kim Il Sung and Kim Jong Il pursued the unique policy of attaching importance and loving youth throughout their revolutionary leadership and perfectly solved the youth issue for the first time in history with their deep interest in the issue of bringing them up to be successors to the revolution.

There had been youth in Korea's history spanning 5 000 years but never have there been such youth living in the praiseworthy era as those in the present times who are performing feats for the country and the people, being honored as young vanguard of the party.

The WPK and the people regard it as their great pride and honor to have the big contingent of dependable youth and successors.

Kim Jong Un highly praised the young people for giving full play to their heroic stamina and resourcefulness in building a thriving nation under the uplifted torchlight of revolution that was handed over by Kim Jong Il, singing songs of struggle and unity just as the young communists did when they declared the birth of the Young Communist League in the presence of Kim Il Sung.

The WPK expects that the young people would give fuller play to their bravery, unity and militancy in the struggle for defending the country and in the grand drive for building a thriving nation at present by inheriting the heroic fighting spirit of the revolutionary martyrs and forerunners as befitting the indomitable young vanguard that has grown up under the care of Kim Il Sung and Kim Jong Il, he said, setting forth the tasks to do so:

The young people should devotedly defend the socialist country by inheriting the heroic fighting spirit displayed by the defenders of the country in the 1950s.

The service personnel of the Korean People's Army should load their powerful arms of the strong revolutionary army of Mt. Paektu with burning hatred for the enemies, aim at targets, fight decisive battles like fierce tigers and perform proud military merits in the sacred war for national reunification.

If the enemy brings dark clouds of a reckless war to hang over the country, the young men and women should replace sickles, hammers or pens with arms and courageously turn out just as the defenders of the country in the 1950s did and thus wipe out the aggressors at one blow through all-people resistance and firmly defend their streets, villages and schools.

The young people should effect fresh miracles and innovations in difficult and toilsome work sites for building a thriving nation and thus become young heroes glorifying the country and the era.

All of them should regard their work sites as trenches for charge and make the flames of Hamnam flare up more furiously in the spirit and mettle of the Korean youth who like to make a revolution and struggle and thus play a big role in carrying out the plans of the national economy through a dynamic charge for production.

The young people should become pioneers, masters and brilliant talents pushing back the frontiers of latest science and technology by dint of intelligence and technology with worldwide judgment and perspective self-esteem under the uplifted slogan "Let Us Open Shortcut to Final Victory by Pushing Back the Frontiers of Latest Science and Technology!"

They should become excellent youngsters in the era of Songun who like Korean style and anything Korean and have beautiful and noble moral traits and do more good things for society and the collective.

The more difficult and harder charges become, the more alive they should make every place, loudly singing songs, having cheerful dances and playing sports games full of optimism and enthusiasm.

Kim Jong Un said he feels reassured as there are the young main unit which will carry the revolution to a final victory.

The WPK will successfully carry forward the outstanding politics of giving importance to the youth pursued by Kim Il Sung and Kim Jong Il and bring earlier the historic cause of national reunification and the final victory of the building of a thriving nation by the efforts of the young people, he stressed.

He once again warmly congratulated the young vanguard and young people across the country who demonstrated before the whole world the steadfast faith and will of the successors to the cause of Juche and Songun, running with the torchlight of revolution to Pyongyang, where the great Generalissimos lie in state, from Mt. Paektu and Mt. Osong.

He expressed firm belief that the young people would dynamically struggle for the final victory of the great cause of Kimilsungism-Kimjongilism under the red flag of the WPK and thus successfully perform their sacred mission and tasks assigned for the era, the revolution, the country and its people.

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