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Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMD)

KCNA Commentary Slams Lee Myung Bak's Nonsense

Korean Central News Agency of DPRK via Korea News Service (KNS)

Pyongyang, July 23 (KCNA) -- The south Korean Lee Myung Bak regime is resorting to a sleight of hand to conceal its attempted heinous state-sponsored terrorist act. Involved there are TVs, Dong-A Ilbo, Yonhap News and other reptile media. They blared that the north's assertions are groundless, going the length of saying that organizations of "defectors from the north" could have done it.

It is as a despicable act as trying to get the sun eclipsed by palm.

The attempt at demolishing statues of the peerlessly great persons of Mt. Paektu is a heinous politically-motivated terrorist act which the Lee puppet regime pushed forward in an intentional and planned way under the manipulation of the U.S.

As far as the "Statue Demolition Society" in which Jon Yong Chol was involved is concerned, its aim is to demolish leaders' statues in the DPRK. The organization exists in reality in south Korea and those involved in it are not subject to any legal sanctions. What does it mean?

As the illegal investigation into civilians shows, a word and a footstep made by people in south Korea are under watch and control of the Intelligence Service. Those who write or speak in praises of the north are fated to be handcuffed and those who visited the DPRK where their fellow countrymen live are to be taken away to prison. This is the situation of south Korea.

The existence of the said organization is absolutely impossible without the interference of the puppet regime which is keen on confrontation of social systems and fratricidal showdown.

The same is the case for an explosive launcher. This time the criminals tried to introduce three parts of an explosive device in secrecy through different channels as it was a terrorist weapon whose use is banned worldwide, assemble it on the spot and examine its performance before finally handing it over to a person who would execute the "plan".

Nearly millions of U.S. dollars were allocated for the manufacture of the launching device and its secret introduction. How can it be done by the organizations of stooges such as the "Front for Liberation of the North Koreans" and the society?

As widely known to the world, to get a job in south Korea is more difficult than dying. Moreover, "defectors from the north" are snubbed and censured everywhere. They are denied jobs and suffer from uneasiness and fear. Finally, they join the anti-DPRK plot-breeding organizations such as the front and the society in order to keep dirty bodies alive. If those fools imported and circulated even terrorist weapons for special use with their own money, this would make even a cow laugh.

The bandit of such human scum planned to photograph through the satellite the area where the "case" will occur in a bid to attain the "greatest effect" of the "undertaking". This is something impossible to be done alone.

All the facts clearly show that the attempt to demolish statues is from A to Z a heinous criminal act which was openly choreographed by the Lee regime.

Nevertheless, the group of traitors is letting reptile media blare that a civilian organization could have been behind the case. This is another outrageous politically-motivated provocation and invective slandering the DPRK.

The army and people of the DPRK will never remain a passive onlooker to it.

Anyone who intends to dare hurt the dignity of the supreme leadership of the DPRK and encroach on it even a bit will never be able to survive on the earth.

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