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Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMD)

DPRK People Vow to Destroy S. Korean Regime

Korean Central News Agency of DPRK via Korea News Service (KNS)

Pyongyang, July 10 (KCNA) -- The Lee Myung Bak group of traitors in south Korea again insulted the dignity of the DPRK supreme leadership.

The pro-American conservative group let the "alliance of the elders" and other ultra-right conservative organizations in south Korea and defectors from the north commit such hideous provocation on July 5 when Ro Su Hui, vice-chairman of the South Headquarters of the Pan-national Alliance for Korea's Reunification, was returning to the south after visiting Pyongyang.

Enraged at another provocation, the servicepersons and civilians of the DPRK vow to destroy the south Korean regime only keen on anti-DPRK confrontation.

Choe Song Il, vice-president of Koryo Songgyungwan University, told KCNA:

"The Lee group's repeated provocations are its last-ditch efforts to escape angry south Koreans' criticism and tide over its ruling crisis by escalating the confrontation with the DPRK.

The south Korean conservative regime has staged such farces whenever it faced with public protest against its sycophantic and treacherous deeds. It should not be left unpunished.

Now is the time to wipe out the dregs of the nation that spoiled the June 15 era of reunification."

Paek Yong Sam, an officer of the 2nd Corps of the Korean People's Army, said:

"Since the Lee group of rats made another provocation, the army and people in the DPRK will burn the group to death with their surging anger.

It is just the pro-American conservatives that have disturbed peace and brought dark clouds of war to the Korean Peninsula, in league with the U.S. imperialists. Nevertheless, they seek to shift the blame for the escalated tension on to the DPRK, talking about the Cheonan warship case, the Yonphyong Island shelling incident and naval skirmish in the West Sea.

Like the past provocations, the recent one is aimed to do harm to the undisputed prestige of our supreme leadership and worsen the relations between the north and the south.

The KPA artillery units will inflict shower of shells on the bases of provocations and the anti-reunification conservative forces involved in the recent provocation."

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