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DPRK Woman Interviewed upon Her Return Home (3)

Korean Central News Agency of DPRK via Korea News Service (KNS)

Pyongyang, July 2 (KCNA) -- DPRK woman Pak Jong Suk was interviewed by Korean and foreign reporters on June 28.

She returned home after being taken away to south Korea.

She laid bare the truth behind the rackets over "defectors from the north" kicked up by the south Korean puppet regime and their miserable plight.

She said that among the "defectors from north Korea" there are renegades who betrayed the country and its people, but the people whom the puppet group calls "defectors" are those who fell victim to the allurement, abduction and bribing operations when they went to China or other neighboring countries because of temporary hard living, visits to their relatives, on business and for other reasons.

They were thus taken to south Korea, she added.

She went on to say:

No sooner had they reached south Korea than they are taken to the Intelligence Service (IS) and treated like criminals.

For the first ten-odd days, they were forced to be in a solitary cell and their human rights were wantonly violated without having a chance to protest.

While they were questioned, they were not allowed to even freely go to toilets under the strict surveillance. In case of women, they were forced to provide sex to investigators.

They were transferred to "Hanawon" little different from a prison after being subject to all sorts of mental and physical pain at the IS for a month or longer.

In this horrible "Hanawon" they should spend three months under the tyrannical oppression, control and surveillance from all sides where cameras are installed. They were not allowed to have outings, meetings and telephone calls.

They were allowed to proceed to society only after such persistent investigation and "brainwashing". Since then they had to be locked in a fierce struggle for existence, subject to all sorts of maltreatment, contempt, disgrace and insult.

The jobs they could find at best were nothing but waste cleaning, vessel washing, servicing and other most hateful and difficult ones.

In case of women, they were sold to gay quarters or forced to be models for indecent video shooting, etc.

In particular, their "resident cards" carry special numbers for which they were sidelined everywhere they went.

As they are suffering from abject poverty, socially mistreated and isolated without let-up, they are withering out due to all sorts of illness plus mental uneasiness and chronic weariness.

If one barely managed to get a job, he or she is always anxious about losing it. If one toils and moils and gets sick, he or she cannot visit a doctor in proper time for want of money, having no other choice but to die. Consequently, all of them get degenerated, allowing themselves to be involved in crimes such as drug addiction, cheating and sex traffic.

Now the "defectors" work hard in the hope that hard work would save them. However, their living conditions are getting worse. They belatedly regret for their defection.

They spend holidays and birthdays in tears, nostalgic of their homes and country dear to them.

Now they hate dirty south Korean society and ardently wish to come back to the DPRK, regretful for what they did. But, they cannot make up their minds for their wrongs done to the country and shadowy surveillance and control.

If those who had defected from the motherland inadvertently wish to come back to the DPRK to live a worthy life, though belatedly, they should spit at hateful south Korean society and come to the care of the DPRK without hesitation.

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