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S. Korea's Impudent Approach to Talks Blasted--KCNA Commentary

Korean Central News Agency of DPRK via Korea News Service (KNS)

Pyongyang, February 10 (KCNA) -- The south side reacted to the DPRK's patience and magnanimity with arrogance at the preliminary talks for the resumption of the north-south high-level military talks.

Its arrogant practice was revealed in the discussion of the issue on the formation of delegations to the talks.

When the DPRK said that "The Defense minister-level and general-level military talks shall pertain to high-level talks", the south side agreed with it at first. It made an official proposal for letting four star generals head the delegations because it expressed sympathy with the DPRK's view.

The DPRK took a principled approach to the south side's proposal and made reasonable suggestion to let the vice-Defense ministers lead the delegations and designate their heads in a convenient way.

But all of a sudden, the south side said that the "vice-minister of Defense of the south side can not represent high-ranking military authority."

This preposterous rhetoric is quite contrary to its original proposal for "four star general heads". It also runs diametrically counter to the will of its superior who made a written agreement with the Minister of the People's Armed Forces of the DPRK on high-level military talks.

Isn't the south side's vice-minister of Defense a high-ranking officer? Can those who take no account of their superior and do not observe the elementary military discipline of obedience to order be called "soldiers"?

The south side's words and acts are all contradiction.

Incoherent in its words and whimsical in its acts, the south side seems to be more concerned for the level of the talks rather than their results.

The south Korean authorities, professing a "pragmatic government", prefer modality to profitability when coming to the talks, an act that can hardly win sympathy.

As a matter of fact, the south side considers the north-south military talks as a platform for confrontation. It seeks to do harm to the north from outdated point of view, not to reconcile and cooperate with it on an equal footing and pave a wide avenue of the nation.

It has become clearer that the south Korean authorities are not interested in dialogue but keen on stoking confrontation only. This made the DPRK just in its stand that there is no need to have dealings with the south any more.

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