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Rodong Sinmun on WPK's Invincible Might

Korean Central News Agency of DPRK via Korea News Service (KNS)

Pyongyang, September 14 (KCNA) -- Today the Workers' Party of Korea is demonstrating its invincible might, enjoying high leadership authority. A fundamental key to it is that it has struck its roots deep among the popular masses and formed a harmonious whole with them.

Rodong Sinmun Tuesday says this in a signed article.

It goes on:

One who believes and depends on the people is sure to always emerge victorious but one who is forsaken by the people is bound to meet ruins only. This is a maxim of the WPK.

The WPK is a great guide helping the people go along the way of worthwhile life enjoying the noblest political life, a reliable guardian protecting and taking care of the independent dignity and destiny of the people and a creator of happiness rendering devotedly service to provide the people with rich and highly civilized life.

The Party values the political integrity of the people and takes upon itself full responsibility for their socio-political integrity just as mothers' hearts go out to their children. Such loving care and trust instilled into the hearts of the people the firm faith to always share their destiny with the Party and linked the Party and the masses with one blood vessel.

Our Party's embrace is broad as it believes and puts forward anyone as permanent companion without discrimination if he or she is willing to serve the Party and the revolution. It is also an embrace of a brilliant life as it takes care of those whom it has once shown loving care for and reposed trust in with responsibility.

Reflected in our Party's Songun politics is an unshakable will to make our people the most dignified and powerful people no one can dare look down upon.

Our Party, regarding it as the supreme principle of its activities to steadily improve the standard of people's living, has orientated everything to improving the standard of people's living, not making any calculations despite difficulties and shortages.

The Party believes in the people as in Heaven and renders devoted services to them while the people firmly believes and follows the Party as the embrace of mother, thereby forming a great harmonious whole. Herein lies an invincible might and immensely bright future of the country.

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