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Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMD)

Rodong Sinmun on Danger of US Asia-Pacific Policy

Korean Central News Agency of DPRK via Korea News Service (KNS)

Pyongyang, July 1 (KCNA) -- The U.S. is now zealously pushing forward its moves to carry out its Asia strategy for aggression, attaching particular importance to the Asian-Pacific region.

Rodong Sinmun Thursday observes this in a signed article, citing data.

The Asia-Pacific policy of the U.S. is, in essence, a strategy for aggression and intervention aimed to satisfy its unlimited greed and wild ambition to dominate this region, the article says, and goes on:

Asia-Pacific is the focus of the U.S. imperialists' global strategy of strength.

Their Asia-Pacific policy is the core and mainstay of their strategy for world domination in the 21st century.

They attach great importance to the Korean Peninsula in carrying out the above-said strategy.

It is their strategic calculation that only when the peninsula is put under their control can they contain anti-imperialist and independent countries and dominate the world with ease.

Their Asia-Pacific policy reflects their wild ambition to establish economic domination over the region and monopolize the resources there.

They seek to gain the right to monopolize the strategic resources and establish economic domination over the Asia-Pacific region by means of war to grab resources and thus conquer Asia and the rest of the world.

Their Asia-Pacific policy is fraught with great danger for its aggressive and reactionary nature, the article notes, and goes on:

The danger lies above all in the fact that the policy brings a new arms race and Cold War.

By deliberately stepping up the moves for an arms race and Cold War the U.S. seeks to secure a pretext for aggression and intervention and expand its sphere of domination worldwide.

The danger of the above-said policy also lies in that it serves the purpose of forming a structure of acute military confrontation.

In case a reactionary military bloc with the U.S. as its axis is framed up and made operational in Asia-Pacific, this will put into shape a structure of military confrontation equal to that of the era of the Cold War and even more dangerous.

The U.S. imperialists seek to invade the DPRK, a fortress of socialism, by force of arms and, by using it as a breakthrough, provoke a war to conquer Asia and the rest of the world.

Their strategy for a war against the DPRK precisely means a strategy for a nuclear war.

Northeast Asia, the Korean Peninsula in particular, is the region fraught with the greatest danger of a nuclear war at present.

As the U.S. imperialists consider the DPRK as the target of their nuclear strike, no one can predict at what moment a nuclear war will break out on the peninsula.

If they keep pursuing the Asia-Pacific policy, it will render the situation more serious and armed clash and war will be unavoidable.

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