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History Society Accuses US of Provoking War Aggression

Korean Central News Agency of DPRK via Korea News Service (KNS)

Pyongyang, June 20 (KCNA) -- The History Society of the DPRK issued a statement Sunday condemning the U.S. imperialists for dividing Korea under the cloak of the United Nations and igniting the Korean war of aggression by fabricating the "UN Forces" on the lapse of 60 years since the outbreak of the Korean War.

The statement said:

As the defeat of the Japanese imperialists was drawing close, the U.S. imperialists regarded it as a crucial moment to realize its strategy for dominating Korea which had been making for centuries and initiated a scenario for partitioning Korea and put it into practice, occupying the area south of the 38th Parallel of the north latitude without shedding blood.

The statement cited facts to prove that the U.S. wild ambition to dominate Korea by using the UN had already been worked out.

It went on: The U.S. torpedoed the work of the USSR-U.S. Joint Commission in September, 1947 and openly declared that the Korean issue would be referred to the UN General Assembly. The U.S. cooked up a resolution on it and passed it through the UN General Assembly by using its hand-raising machine.

On June 25, 1950, the U.S. imperialists finally started all-out armed invasion against the DPRK by instigating the Syngman Rhee puppet army.

After igniting the war, the U.S. imperialists lost no time to start an operation toward the UN to escalate the war of aggression according to the scenario already worked out by them.

On the same day, Truman quickly held a meeting of bosses of the military administration at a state guest house to discuss armed intervention and issued an order on providing ammunition aid to south Korea and mobilizing naval and air forces.

The U.S. had a meeting of the UN Security Council held on June 27 so that it adopted an illegal "resolution" recommending the UN member states to assist "the Republic of Korea" in repulsing the military attack and defending global peace and security in this region.

As seen above, the U.S. actions always preceded the adoption of UN resolutions. The U.S. did not follow UN resolutions but it had the practice of "approving" the U.S. acts of aggression later. This "systematic procedure" continued in the whole period of the war.

On July 7, 1950, the Korean War was fully regarded as an international dispute by a resolution of the UNSC. The UN thus placed its flag in the hands of the aggressors, becoming a belligerent party in Korea.

The United States finally formed the illegal "UN Forces" including its 15 satellite states by means of all sorts of appeasement, threat and blackmail.

The aim of the "UN Forces" was to cover up the true colors of the U.S. as a war provoker and aggressor and transfer part of the heavy burden of the war to its satellite states. But, the "UN Forces" were, in essence, the U.S. forces.

When landing in south Korea under UN blue helmets the U.S. imperialist aggressors hurled into the war one-third of its army, one-fifth of its air force and majority of its Pacific Fleet in a bid to realize its scenario for military occupation of the whole of Korea. They committed all sorts of crimes unprecedented in human history such as barbarous massacre and destruction, stunning the world people.

What was more serious was that they committed unprecedentedly brutal massacres putting the atrocities of the Hitler Nazi clique into the shade under the name of the UN.

More than half a century has passed since the ceasefire on the Korean Peninsula but the U.S. imperialist aggression forces' presence in south Korea under "UN Forces" blue helmets has not come to an end and the peninsula is still in the state of ceasefire, the statement noted, and continued:

The abnormal state of "DPRK-UN confrontation" which was deliberately created six decades back is still going on.

Nothing can hide the truth of history. It has already been brought to light that the signboard of the UN is nothing but window dressing to hide the true nature of the U.S. and the "UN Command" is, in fact, is a bogus mechanism for concealing the actual belligerent relations while being outside the UN.

The present reality proves that there is no justification for this ghost like "UN Command" to exist any longer and its final disbandment is inevitable.

The U.S. seeks to reorganize on an expansion basis the "UN Command" which should have been disorganized long ago according to the UN resolution, while stepping up its hostile moves against the DPRK. This is a criminal act of challenging the sacred mission of UN and human conscience.

The U.S. should stop the acts of threatening peace and security on the Korean Peninsula, falsifying the truth of history, immediately disband the "UN Command" and replace the Korean Armistice Agreement by a peace treaty.

The U.S. should make a bold option to fulfill its responsibility before the world and mankind, bearing in mind that the longer it maintains the "UN Command," the leftover of the Cold War, and the further it strengthens, paying no heed to the voices of the Korean people and all other people of the world demanding its removal from the Korean Peninsula, it will only precipitate its international isolation and destruction.

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