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Russian and Indonesian Media on Truth about "Cheonan"

Korean Central News Agency of DPRK via Korea News Service (KNS)

Pyongyang, June 5 (KCNA) -- Russian internet news and an Indonesian newspaper carried articles on the truth about the case of warship "Cheonan's" sinking.

The Russian Internet News Ruskiye Novosti in an article carried on Tuesday under the title "U.S. trace left on 'north's torpedo'" said that the warship "Cheonan" was sunken by a U.S. torpedo, according to a reconnaissance source of the Pacific Fleet of Russia.

It went on:

The groundless evidence produced by the "team for investigation" into the case of the warship "Cheonan's" sinking is arousing strong criticism.

To begin with, why only U.S. allies were included in the "investigation team" while such important countries as Russia and China were not allowed to participate in it and the proposal for dispatching an inspection group of the DPRK was turned down without any clear reason.

After all, the "investigation team" willfully interpreted the "torpedo wreckage".

It is also doubtful that the torpedo got heavily rusted though it exploded in March.

It is very strange that a submarine of the DPRK tactfully disappeared, keeping itself away from anti-submarine crafts of the U.S. and south Korea equipped with underwater sound detectors, satellite monitoring systems and underwater detectors, which took part in the joint maneuvers in those days including the warship "Cheonan."

It was hardly understandable, too, that they had kept silent for nearly two months since the outbreak of the incident, the possible explosion due to an accident aboard the warship or mine was ignored and all officers survived the case, etc.

It is hardly understandable either that south Korea kicked off a hysteric racket while vociferating about "punishment" and "retaliation", far from clarifying its assertion and evidence after the publication of the "results of investigation", gradually made a step back by uttering "apology" and "punishment of those responsible" and is now making such provocation as declaring its will to set up loudspeakers only to make the DPRK to threaten to preempt its firing at south Korea in a bid to brand it as an" aggressor".

The reconnaissance source of the Pacific Fleet of Russia claimed it is true that "Cheonan" was sunken by a torpedo but it was not done by "a torpedo of the north" but a special torpedo launched by the U.S. latest nuclear-powered submarine with the help of a small underwater device.

The escalated tension on the Korean Peninsula is not beneficial to both the north and the south but beneficial to the U.S. only.

The U.S. is attempting to establish a worldwide nuclear arms control regime on the plea of nuclear disarmament.

Now that the U.S. is stuck in Iraq and Afghanistan, it seeks to use "other's hands" by changing its tactics. In other words, the U.S. seeks to pressurize south Korea to shoulder the burden of stifling the DPRK in a bid to "preserve its image." It was also the calculation of the U.S. that it could put China in an awkward position and split the DPRK from China.

On the same day the Indonesian newspaper Kompas in an article titled "Was 'Cheonan' sunken by 'the north's torpedo' or torpedo of U.S. forces?" said that the warship's sinking still remains a riddle.

The south Korea-U.S. joint military maneuvers were at their height in the waters where the warship was sunken. Accordingly, the security was firmly guaranteed and the warship was also involved in those military maneuvers.

It is nonsensical for warships of south Korea and the U.S. involved in the military maneuvers to claim they were unaware of "Cheonan's" sinking.

There is also the possibility that "Cheonan" might be sunken by a U.S. forces submarine.

It is necessary to remind that a U.S. nuclear-powered submarine involved in the joint military maneuvers was on a secret combat duty in the waters near Paekryong Islet in the day the case occurred.

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