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Anniversary of Kim Jong Il's Work Observed

Korean Central News Agency of DPRK via Korea News Service (KNS)

Pyongyang, June 1 (KCNA) -- A national meeting was held at the People's Palace of Culture on Tuesday to mark the 20th anniversary of General Secretary Kim Jong Il's work "On Thoroughly Carrying Out a Revolution in Light Industry."

Present there were Premier Kim Yong Il, officials of party and power bodies, public organizations, ministries and national institutions, officials in the fields of science, education, culture and art, public health and media and working people.

The work, published on June 2, Juche 79 (1990), systematizes the Juche-oriented ideas and theories on making a revolution in light industry and clarifies all the issues arising in increasing the production of consumer goods by thoroughly carrying out a revolution in light industry as required by the developing realities and the daily growing material and cultural need of the people.

Kwak Pom Gi, vice-premier of the Cabinet, in his report said that the publication of Kim Jong Il's work helped establish the most scientific and revolutionary view on developing the light industry in the socialist society and provided a powerful ideological and theoretical weapon for fully ensuring the independent and creative life of the people materially and giving fuller play to the advantages and vitality of the socialist system centered on the popular masses in the DPRK.

Under the wise leadership of Kim Jong Il a dynamic drive has been waged for implementing the Party's policy for making a revolution in light industry and big progress has been made in the development of the nation's light industry over the past two decades, he said, and went on:

The level of modernization of equipment and production processes and the quality of products have been dramatically raised and lots of light industrial factories surpassed the peak production year, hitting targets of national economy ahead of schedule through a high-pitched drive waged at the light industrial factories across the country during the historic 150-day campaign and 100-day campaign last year. Many industrial establishments have turned into model ones in the 21st century where cultured practices are established in production and life.

These signal achievements made in the strenuous drive for carrying out the Party's policy on making a revolution in light industry instill into the minds of the servicepersons and people of the DPRK the firm confidence that Kim Jong Il's determination precisely means practice and the DPRK will shed its rays all over the world as a thriving socialist nation in the near future, the reporter stressed.

The reporter referred to the tasks for conducting an all-out offensive by channeling the efforts of the whole party and the whole state into improving the standard of people's living to glorify this year marking the 65th birthday of the Workers' Party of Korea as a year of people's happiness and the prosperity of the country and open the gate to a thriving nation in 2012 without fail.

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