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NRC Accuses S. Korea of Using "North Defectors" for Smear Campaign

Korean Central News Agency of DPRK via Korea News Service (KNS)

Pyongyang, March 23 (KCNA) -- A spokesman for the National Reconciliation Council (NRC) released the following statement Tuesday to denounce the south Korean puppet conservative group for its recent frantic anti-DPRK smear campaign:

The puppet conservative group, obsessed by an anti-DPRK confrontation ruckus, is using even human scum including defectors to the south as a shock brigade in escalating it only to be jeered by the public at home and abroad.

The group whipped together such riff-raffs as defectors to the south, calling them "future forces for unification". It is busy fabricating what it called the "Alliance for the Movement of Free North", the "Solidarity of NK Intellectuals" and other anti-DPRK plot-breeding organizations. It is even contemplating organizing a preparatory committee for forming a political party called the "Solidarity of Persons for Unification" and letting its candidate to run for the elections to "local self-governing bodies".

This group also drastically increased a budget for "assisting defectors from the north" while cutting down a budget for cooperation with the DPRK and set up "Hana centers" in more areas of south Korea as centers for brainwashing "defectors from the north" and educating them in conspiratorial plots against the DPRK. What is all the more disgusting is that Hyon In Thaek, minister of "Unification", and other persons in authority are paying visits to those who defected to the south to "congratulate", "encourage" and "support" them.

In another development, the group even let "defectors from the north" to conduct various forms of anti-DPRK smear campaigns such as "broadcasting for reforms in the north", "broadcasting for leading the north to opening" and "daily NK" in a bid to utter a spate of anti-DPRK vituperation. It also made them visit puppet army units and even foreign countries so that they might appear in "security lectures" and "seminars" and at "interviews" to hurl mud at the DPRK. And it instigated them to scatter leaflets, stage such foolish anti-DPRK charade as "opera" and "art performances" and publication of novels and memoirs.

What should not be overlooked is that the puppet group has made no scruple of hurting the supreme headquarters of the DPRK, not content with raising a hue and cry over its situation while working with blood-shot eyes to spy it with human scum involved.

High-ranking officials of the U.S. are inviting renegades and defectors to the White House and Capitol Hill to award "prizes" to them. The anti-DPRK human rights organizations in the U.S. are even providing strong financial backing to the "defectors from the north" in their activities.

The same is the case with the Japanese reactionaries. They called on human scum in south Korea or "invited" them to come to meet them and let the official media echo their rhetoric.

Under the patronage of the puppet conservative group and the U.S. and Japan, those who fled to south Korea and the U.S. are letting loose all sorts of vituperation while taking an active part in the anti-DPRK smear campaigns in a bid to get small rewards and prolong their dirty remaining days.

By nature, what renegades and traitors utter is nothing but sheer fabrication devoid of official credibility as it is designed to please their patrons in an effort to prolong their dirty remaining days and no one, therefore, will lend an ear to such rubbish.

It is as clear as a pikestaff that betes noires will make only vituperation just as a crow will never be whiter for often washing.

The groundless mud-slinging made by those human scum who have become living corpses as politicians censured by the people for their despicable acts of treachery and those anti-DPRK plot breeders who rely on them only betrays their wretched plight as betes noires.

The U.S. and the puppet group pretend to be considerate of the above-said human scum under the signboard of "human rights," calling them "refugees" but it is a well-known fact that those "defectors from the north" are criminals who fled the DPRK after committing crimes and wicked traitors to the nation and wretched betes noires who abandoned their families, parents, brothers and sisters and friends in quest of their own comfort.

They once praised benevolent policies enforced under socialism such as free education and free medical care but, finding it difficult to make a living due to the desperate moves of enemies inside and outside south Korea, they left the DPRK and their families in quest of their own luxury. They, indeed, deserve the worst curse for having thrown away even an iota of human conscience and morality.

Irony is that the puppet group and even the U.S. and the Japanese reactionaries are finding themselves in such awkward position as to depend on such human scum in their anti-DPRK smear campaigns. This reminds one of a drowning man catching at a straw.

This only implies their bitter defeat in the confrontation with the DPRK. It is needless to say that the more thoroughly the DPRK remains cleared of such human rubbish as "defectors from the north," the more clean it will become and stronger the single-minded unity of its people will get.

The puppet group and the U.S. and Japan should bear in mind that their desperate moves to seduce, allure and abduct Koreans and abuse them for smear propaganda campaign will bring them nothing but a miserable end as they are bound to end up losing their face and inviting derision.

The council, upon authorization, seriously warns in the name of the DPRK and the Korean nation that those dirty renegades and defectors will be forced to stand stern trials by the nation before anybody else as they act a shock brigade in carrying out the smear propaganda against the DPRK after going to the fold of the enemies keen on doing harm to fellow countrymen, forgetful of the care under which they were brought up and the disturbers of their system and life.

The people of the DPRK and the entire Korean nation will never pardon those wicked human scum busy carrying out the anti-DPRK scenarios worked out by the puppet conservative group and the U.S. and Japanese reactionaries and acting cat's paws of anti-reunification elements at home and abroad.

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