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Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMD)

Achievements in Scientific and Technological Research

Korean Central News Agency of DPRK via Korea News Service (KNS)

Pyongyang, November 20 (KCNA) -- Many achievements have been made in scientific researches which substantially help towards the building of a great, prosperous and powerful nation.

Technological innovations including a method of concretizing on ground and construction method by concrete prefab formwork have been introduced into the construction site of the Huichon Power Station, thus ensuring the safety of dam and gearing up the building tempo.

The Pyongyang Thermal Power Complex introduced new vortex burners into large-sized boilers to raise the combustion rate, markedly reducing the yearly consumption norms of coal and other fuels per boiler.

The complex also renovated the coal crusher so as to boost the serviceable life of the coal crusher axis ten times or more that of the former without the lubricating, closing and cooling systems.

The Chollima Steel Complex developed and applied the electrode bonding control program to the UHP electric arc furnace, which makes it possible to improve the power-factor and shorten the melting time remarkably while saving electricity.

The Sinchang Youth Coal Mine under the Sunchon Area Youth Coal Complex adopted the technological innovations into production, including the establishment of a new prospecting method within pit by physical prospecting, technological renovation of the air blower and the introduction of the railroad without junction into transportation system.

Similar successes have been reported from the Rakwon Machine Complex. It invented and applied a new method of rotary continuous casting by metal mold instead of old sand mold and high-frequency heat treatment method. As a result it upped actual production rate of various steel castings and improved the quality of the large-sized parts.

The Ryongsong Machine Complex has manufactured new plane lapping machine and screw lathe to improve the cleanness of parts and to increase the productivity more than 20 times. It has also introduced an automatic heat-control device by computer into the heat-treating furnaces.

The Electricity Research Institute under the State Academy of Sciences invented highly efficient wind power generators applicable to any regions and units.

The small, miniature and domestic use wind power generators are now working in revolutionary sites and revolutionary battle sites of Ryanggang Province and various cities and counties including Kaesong City, Hyangsan County and Onchon County.

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