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Kim Jong Il Gives Field Guidance to Namhung Youth Chemical Complex

Korean Central News Agency of DPRK via Korea News Service (KNS)

Pyongyang, May 28 (KCNA) -- General Secretary Kim Jong Il provided field guidance to the Namhung Youth Chemical Complex.

Conducted by leading officials of the complex, he first looked round the room devoted to the history of the complex.

Looking back with deep emotion on the shining path covered by the complex, he said that the complex has turned into a comprehensive large chemical base contributing to the prosperity of the country thanks to the wise guidance and meticulous care of President Kim Il Sung, adding that the undying revolutionary exploits performed by him will remain brilliantly recorded in the history of the country.

After being briefed on the complex before a huge painting showing its panoramic view, he went round the site of the gasification project and other places of the complex to learn in detail about the technical updating and construction there.

Seeing the updated production processes and the gasification process under construction as a gigantic structure, he expressed great satisfaction over the fact that the workers and builders of the complex are successfully carrying out the vast construction project with their own efforts and technology. He highly appreciated the feats performed by them.

Making the rounds of the modern Chongchun Health Complex, the gymnasium and other cultural and supply service facilities then, he took warm care of the living of the workers and highly appreciated the revolutionary viewpoint on the masses displayed by the officials of the complex who paid primary attention to the living of its workers.

The complex is a model factory to be proud of not only in terms of management but in supply service and the creation of new working class culture, he noted, calling on all the units to earnestly follow its example and thoroughly establish the way of living as required by the great Songun era and the new century.

He set forth tasks to be fulfilled by the complex.

In order to increase the varieties of chemical goods needed for the country's economic development and the people's living the complex should successfully put new production processes on a modern basis, he said, putting forward the tasks and ways to do so.

The most important task facing the complex at present is to finish the gasification process construction in a short span of time to start the fertilizer production, he said, showing such great care as personally settling knotty problems.

Noting that the workers of the whole country including those in the priority sectors and basic industrial domains of the national economy all out as one in hearty response to the Party's call are now effecting great innovations and leaping forward unprecedented in the history of the country on all fronts of socialist construction, he said that the day of victory in the drive to build a thriving nation is drawing nearer day by day thanks to this dynamic advance.

Now when there arrived a stirring period of a great turn is the time for the Korean people knowing nothing impossible to give full play to the heroic spirit again by waging an all-out charge involving the whole Party and state and an all-people decisive campaign, he said, expressing great expectation and conviction that all the Party members and other working people would become honorable victors in the grand drive to build a great prosperous and powerful nation.

He was accompanied by Kim Ki Nam, secretary of the WPK Central Committee, and Pak Nam Gi and Jang Song Thaek, department directors of the C.C., the WPK.

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