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New Upsurge of Korean Revolution Provided by Yaoyinggou Meeting

Korean Central News Agency of DPRK via Korea News Service (KNS)

Pyongyang, March 27 (KCNA) -- The Korean people with deep emotion are looking back upon the historic Yaoyinggou meeting held under the guidance of President Kim Il Sung on the occasion of its 74th anniversary.

The Japanese imperialists perpetrated the "punitive" operations persistently to exterminate the people in the anti-Japanese bases, encircling the guerrilla zones double and treble with huge armed forces.

The enemy committed all sorts of the subversive activities to split and disintegrate the revolutionary ranks in a pernicious way, while tightening the control over the food lest that a little amount of grain might be supplied to the guerilla zones.

All these were aimed at isolating the anti-Japanese bases completely from the human world and stifling and reducing them to ashes thoroughly.

If efforts were directed only to defending the already-exposed guerrilla zones under these circumstances as some people said, the revolutionary army would stand on the defensive militarily, be inveigled into the enemy's persistent war of attrition and would not preserve the revolutionary forces trained for years.

The President, who penetrated into the prevailing situation with his unusual wisdom, convened a meeting of military and political cadres of the Korean People's Revolutionary Army in Yaoyinggou on March 27, Juche 24 (1935) at which he delivered the historic speech "On Relinquishing the Guerrilla Zones and Advancing over Wide Areas".

The President in the speech set forth the strategic line on relinquishing the guerrilla zones and advancing over wide areas and concrete tasks for implementing the line.

He added that in order to carry out the work for dismissing the guerrilla zones well, it was necessary to explain widely the line among the people in the guerrilla bases so that they might have a correct understanding of the evacuation and willingly participate in it.

He said that the youths and children from among the masses in the guerrilla bases educated and tempered in the revolutionary organizations such as paramilitary organization should be enlisted in the KPRA to reinforce its forces.

He also stressed that they should send the people who had been educated, awakened and revolutionized in the guerrilla bases to the enemy-ruled areas so as to arouse vigorously the people there to the anti-Japanese struggle.

After the historic Yaoyinggou meeting the KPRA went over to a new struggle of strategic attack from that of strategic defence and gave a telling political and military blow to the Japanese imperialists by waging the large unit guerilla warfare actively in vast areas.

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