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Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMD)

Development of Atomic Energy, World Trend

Korean Central News Agency of DPRK via Korea News Service (KNS)

Pyongyang, March 25 (KCNA) -- Various countries are directing great efforts to the development of atomic energy in recent years in connection with the exhaustion of fossil fuel and growing apprehension of environmental issue.

According to the data available, it is said that crude oil will run out after 44 years, natural gas 56 years and coal 200 years on the globe.

Furthermore, it is envisaged that the demand for energy will increase by more than 50 percent within coming 50 years or so and the rapid economic growth may boost the demand by 250 percent in the period.

Many countries find an effective way to meet the increasing demand for electricity in atomic energy and work out plans for their development.

There are in the world more than 440 atomic power plants under operation. Among them are over 200 plants in Europe, some 120 plants in North America and over 100 in Asia.

Russia plans to build 40 new atomic power plants till 2030 and to commission 23 out of them before 2010 and 11 till 2020. Then, the output of electricity by atomic power will nearly double the present one and take 25-30 percent of the total electricity output.

China drew up a state's medium-and long-term plan for the development of atomic energy and is planning to construct 36 power plants more till 2020 to considerably enhance the capacity.

In Southeast Asia, Vietnam confirmed a site for building an atomic power plant with the capacity of more than 2 million kilowatts at enormous expense till 2020 and its surrounding countries are vying each other to dispatch technicians to advanced countries in atomic power technology.

The League of Arab States stated that all the member nations will start development of atomic power technology.

Egypt made public in October 2007 a state plan for building an atomic power plant and concluded an agreement on cooperation in the nuclear field with Russia on March 25, 2008.

The electricity production by atomic energy holds one-third of total electricity output in Europe.

Finland already started the construction of a third generation atomic power plant which is considered as most safe one in the world.

The government of Sweden issued a statement that it decided to build a new atomic power plant on February 5, 2009. Noting that the old nuclear reactors will be changed with new ones, the statement added that the government took a new stand on the atomic energy proceeding from the purpose of reducing the dependence on fossil fuel and diminishing the amount of greenhouse gas emission.

The observers say that the humankind is going over to the "atomic energy era" from the "fossil fuel" stage and the 21st century may be "a civilized era of the atomic energy".

The activities of each country to use atomic energy in a peaceful way will become brisk further in the future.

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