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Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMD)

U.S.-S. Korea War Exercises under Fire

Korean Central News Agency of DPRK via Korea News Service (KNS)

   Pyongyang, March 10 (KCNA) -- Key Resolve and Foal Eagle joint military exercises, large-scale war exercises for invading the DPRK, staged by the U.S. and south Korean bellicose forces from March 2 to 7 were extremely provocative and adventurous saber rattling aimed at creating new military tension on the Korean Peninsula and gravely threatening peace and the cause of reunification as they were a dangerous nuclear test war to invade and stifle the DPRK. Rodong Sinmun Monday observes this in a signed commentary.
    It goes on:
    The recent joint military exercises were staged under the simulated conditions of a preemptive attack on the DPRK after deploying huge forces and nuclear attack means in the sky, ground and seas. They were the maneuvers for an actual war as they were aimed at examining and rounding off the capability to carry out the dangerous war scenario for a preemptive nuclear attack on the DPRK which had already been worked out.
    What merits a serious attention is the fact that the U.S. openly staged the nuclear war exercises targeted against the DPRK at a time when both are in the process of dialogue and the undertaking to denuclearize the Korean Peninsula is now under way.
    One cannot but draw a conclusion, in the final analysis, that for all its noisy talk about "dialogue" and "peaceful solution" the U.S. is, in actuality, not willing to honor its commitments and its fine sounding advertisement is nothing but a ruse to cover up its wild design to invade the DPRK.
    It is becoming clearer day by day that the ulterior aim of the U.S. is not to seek a negotiated solution of the issue but settle it by means of military threat, pressure and war against the DPRK.
    No wonder, the above-mentioned warmongers exceptionally opened to the press the armed forces mobilized in the war exercises and their proceeding in a bid to demonstrate their military muscle.
    All facts go to prove that "dialogue" and "peace" much touted by the U.S. and south Korea is nothing but a smokescreen to deceive the world public and cover up their war moves against the DPRK and disarm and militarily stifle it.

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