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Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMD)

North Korea Weekly (Nov. 6 - Nov. 12, 2006)

ROK National Intelligence Service

Inside North Korea

The North Korean Central News Agency reported (Nov. 6), “Kim Jeong-il inspected Wonsan Stock Farm, newly established as a stock breeding center for raising goats, rabbits, pigs, ducks and geese. Kim said the farm has an important role to play in improving the diet of the citizens of Wonsan.”

The Central Broadcasting Station propagandized (Nov. 11), “The Ministry of Urban Management has set goals and implemented projects to resolve the issue of heating in the winter for citizens residing in the capital, to perform maintenance on waterworks pipes, and to provide a sufficient amount of drinking water to citizens by expanding reservoirs.”

Outside North Korea

Quoting a Rodong Shinmun commentary, the North Korean Central News Agency condemned (Nov. 8), “The United States, which has waged wars most frequently, destroyed peace and abused national and human rights, is the most vicious evil empire in the 21st century and the chief instigator of human right abuses.”

The Pyongyang Broadcasting Service blasted (Nov. 12), “Post-war Japan has advocated the building of a peaceful nation, but has failed even to reflect on its past crimes for over 60 years, and has avoided settling the matter. The fact that Japan is describing itself as a peaceful nation is a mockery of peace and a perversion of reality.”

Inter-Korean Issues

In a commentary, the Pyongyang Broadcasting Service propagandized, (Nov. 7) “As long as the US imperialist aggression forces remain in South Korea and the US’ hostile and aggressive policies toward North Korea persist, the transfer of control rights for wartime operations and the dismantlement of the South Korea-US Combined Command are meaningless. The South Korea-US Combined Command should be fundamentally dismantled and the South Korean people must further boldly stage a struggle to end the US imperialists’ policy to occupy South Korea by force.”

Quoting a Rodong Shinmun commentary, the North Korean Central News Agency contended (Nov. 9), “The South Korean authorities must be aware that what they can expect to obtain from conspiring with the US imperialists in sanctioning the DPRK is the outrage and condemnation of the entire Korean people, and they must broaden the path for members of different organizations to visit Pyongyang.”

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