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Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMD)

Major Weekly Developments in North Korea (September. 4 - September. 10, 2006)

ROK National Intelligence Service

Inside North Korea

The Central Broadcasting Station reported (Sept. 8), “A national meeting commemorating the 58th anniversary of the founding of the DPRK was held on September 8 at the April 25 House of Culture and was attended by senior officials of the party, the state and the army.” In his report, Kim Yeong-nam emphasized, “The army and the people of the DPRK must give full play to the advantages of ‘our-style socialism’ in order to accomplish the task of building a powerful and prosperous socialist nation.”

The Korean Central News Agency reported (Sept. 9), “Kim Jeong-il, accompanied by KPA generals Lee Myeong-su, Hyeon Cheol-hae and Pak Jae-gyeong, and first vice department directors of the Central Committee of the WPK Lee Yong-cheol and Lee Jae-il, visited KPA Unit 1824 and called for the reinforcement and development of the Korean People’s Army with the revolutionary might of unfailing victory and invincibility.”

Outside North Korea

Quoting a commentary from the Rodong Shinmun, the Chosun Central News Agency blasted (Sept. 7), “Recently, the Japanese government has once again raised the issue of ‘threat’ of the DPRK in the Defense of Japan 2006 White Paper.” It went on to say, “Through this, the reactionary ruling class of Japan aims to turn the issue of a ‘threat’ into a political one, and solidify control while calming the people’s discontent with the political and financial crisis and heightening their antagonistic feelings toward North Korea.”

Quoting a commentary from the Rodong Shinmun, the Chosun Central News Agency condemned (Sept. 10), “As a result of the reckless war maneuvers of the US imperialists, the regional situation in Asia Pacific, including the Korean peninsula, is becoming increasingly tense every day.” It propagandized, “The people of Asia and peace-loving individuals must see through the sinister plans of the US imperialists regarding marine strategy and launch a struggle to obstruct and destroy these plans.”

Inter-Korean Issues

The Pyongyang Broadcasting Service contended (Sept. 5), “The struggle of our people for the grand solidarity of the entire nation is a struggle to establish the sovereignty of the nation on a national scale, and is a struggle to achieve the grand task of the reunification of the fatherland through the independent capacity of the nation, for bringing forth the independent development of the reunified fatherland and for joint prosperity for the nation.”

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