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Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMD)

Major Weekly Developments in North Korea (Mar. 20 - Mar. 26, 2006)

ROK National Intelligence Service

Inside North Korea

The Central Broadcasting Station reported (Mar. 21-25), “Kim Jeong-il inspected the Women’s Subunit of KPA Unit 824, KPA Unit 604, a command of KPA Air Force Unit 435, Unit 236 for Training Recruits of the KPA Air Force, and KPA Unit 3406 (dates and venues unreported), and touched on such matters as ‘We have waged a holy war against the United States, bearing sentiments of hostility against the U.S.’”

In its editorial, the Rodong Shinmun stated (Mar. 25), “At this point in time when the U.S. imperialists are staging a joint military exercise with South Korea, we must hold high the banner of resistance against the United States, filled with hatred for the U.S. imperialists.” It went on to say, “All workers must become well-equipped with advanced readiness for combat mobilization, and be filled with acute revolutionary alertness.”

Outside North Korea

In a commentary titled “The Failure of Arbitrary and High-Handed Diplomacy,” the Rodong Shinmun contended, “The establishment of the UN Human Rights Council and the adoption of the resolution despite opposition from the United States (Mar. 15) is a display of the failure of arbitrary and high-handed diplomacy on the part of the United States.”

The Rodong Shinmun blasted (Mar. 26), “Japan is complicating Korean-Japanese relations by linking the issue of Japan’s settlement of the past with the abductee issue.” It further stated, “The fact that Japan is putting forward the abductee issue as a precondition for the normalization of Korean-Japanese relations is an intentional act of confrontation.”

Inter-Korean Issues

The Rodong Shinmun propagandized (Mar. 24), “At this point in time when the attempt by the U.S. to wage a nuclear war of aggression on the Korean peninsula has become extreme, the entire people must launch a struggle against the U.S., against war and to safeguard peace.”

The Central Broadcasting Station charged (Mar. 25), “The joint military exercise conducted by the U.S. imperialists and South Korea is an experimental war aimed at provoking a second Korean War.” It contended, “If South Korea wishes for improvements in inter-Korean relations and for peace on the Korean peninsula, it must abandon the joint military exercise conducted with outside forces.”

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