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Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMD)

Major Weekly Developments in North Korea (Mar. 6 - Mar. 12, 2006)

ROK National Intelligence Service

Inside North Korea

The Central Broadcasting Station reported (Mar. 6), “Kim Jeong-il gave field guidance at Samsu Power Station, which is being constructed in Samsu County in Yanggang Province (date unreported), and commanded that the construction of the power station be expedited.”

Quoting an editorial from Minju Chosun (Mar. 8) titled “Let us Creatively Innovate in all Businesses,” the Chosun Central News Agency reported (Mar. 9), “Kim Jeong-il emphasized innovation in all businesses by urging senior officials to break away from the typical framework and to think enterprisingly.”

Outside North Korea

In an editorial, the Rodong Shinmun stated (Mar. 8), “The hatred of our [the DRPK’s] people toward Japan that denies yet at the same time praises its past crimes and that is shirking the responsibility of settling the past is rapidly reaching a boil.” It emphasized, “Japan should be well aware of the determination of our [the DPRK’s] people and embark on a path toward settling the past as soon as possible.”

The Chosun Central News Agency contended (Mar. 11), “Although the United States provides nuclear technology and fuel for civilian purposes to countries that are not party to the NPT, it is opposed to our [the DPRK’s] peaceful nuclear activities and the offering of light-water reactors through the six-party talks, which is a biased double standard. The United States must give us [the DPRK] the same treatment applied to other nations that are not a part of the NPT and that are equipped with a nuclear arsenal.”

Inter-Korean Issues

The Chosun Central News Agency reported (Mar. 10), “A conference of women’s representatives from South and North Korea for the implementation of the June 15 Joint Declaration adopted a petition calling for ‘the prevention of war and military confrontation and the elimination of all sources threatening the peace.’”

The Central Television blasted (Mar. 12), “The decision by US imperialists and the belligerent military forces of South Korea to once again conduct the RSOI (Reception, Staging, Onward Movement and Integration) joint military exercise and the Foal Eagle exercise is a challenge that goes against the aspirations of the Korean people, who seek peace and reunification.”

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