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Rodong Sinmun Praises Songun as Great Banner of National Prosperity

Korean Central News Agency of DPRK via Korea News Service (KNS)

   Pyongyang, November 27 (KCNA) -- Songun serves as a decisive guarantee and a powerful driving force for prosperity of the country, stresses Rodong Sinmun in a signed article today. Noting that the Songun politics provides a decisive guarantee for national prosperity, the article says:
    The Songun politics is a powerful politics that helps firmly defend the eternal foundations of national prosperity from the imperialists' encroachment.
    Invincible arms are the most valuable wealth for national prosperity, with which nothing is comparable. Many countries had gone to ruin because of their weak force of arms, but there is no country that has gone to ruin due to famine. Neglecting arms is as good as an act of cutting off the lifeline of national prosperity by itself. This is the stark truth proven in practice.
    It is quite self-evident that one should build a strong war deterrent above anything else, if one really hopes for prosperity. The Songun politics reflects this immutable truth that self-defensive power guarantees development and prosperity.
    The Korean army and people have dynamically advanced along the road of Songun, breaking through storm and stress of history and have had invincible military capability. Nobody can encroach upon the destiny of the country and the nation.
    The most distinguished feat performed by Songun is that it has reliably defended the boundaries of the country as well as its blue sky and waters, 5,000-year long history and culture and all the precious wealth the Korean people created with their sweat and wisdom.
    The Songun politics is an independent politics that makes it possible to smash any intervention and high-handed practice of outsiders and achieve the development and prosperity of the country our own way.
    To preserve the Korean way of revolution is an inviolable independent right.
    It is thanks to the Songun politics that the Korean army and people are doing all work in their own interests as they please, shattering all sorts of outsiders' pressure and intervention.
    Force of arms ensures proud independent politics and prosperity of each country. This is the unchangeable truth of history.
    The only way of each country to repulse the arrogant moves of the imperialists employing all means and methods, including military means, is to build up its own force of arms.
    We are now building socialism according to our own ideology, faith and will, giving top priority to arms. Our great victories in all fields of politics, diplomacy, military affairs, economy, ideology and morality are a victory of the political sovereignty, a victory of arms. The political power based on invincible force of arms, this is the most credible guarantee for national prosperity.
    Songun is, indeed, an ever-victorious banner as it has definitely put our country on the track of its eternal prosperity. It is the truth deeply experienced by the Korean people in practice that Songun ensures happiness of the people and the future of the prospering country.
    Songun serves as a powerful driving force of national prosperity, the article says, and goes on:
    The Songun politics is a powerful politics that propels the prosperity of the country with enormous spiritual strength. The heyday of national prosperity means a period of great upsurge in the nation's spirit in which the idea and will of the leader are turned definitely into the idea and mentality of all the people. The greatest might of the Songun politics lies in having brought this period.
    The politics is based on the revolutionary soldier spirit. This is the great spirit of the times that has most thoroughly embodied the revolutionary spirit of the leader. Today when the Songun politics is enforced overall, the mental power of the Korean army and people has developed into that of an integrated whole that perfectly resembles the independent faith, will, matchless grit, guts and sentiment of the leader.
    The Songun politics is an ideal politics that makes it possible to achieve the prosperity of the country under the correct economic strategy.
    The line of building the economy in the era of Songun is an original line for most perfectly combining the defence building, the economic construction and the improvement of the standard of people's living with each other and ensuring their successful progress together on the highest level.
    To develop the defence industry on a preferential basis is the best way for developing the national economy as a whole while building up the powerful defence capability.
    The line is the most popular line for building up the national economic power that truly serves the people.
    The Songun politics is a politics of attaching importance to the people which helps to push ahead with the socialist economic construction despite any obstructions of the imperialists and stabilize and improve the people's living. The DPRK has built in a far-sighted way the national economic strength with a powerful defence industry as its mainstay, tightening its belt to achieve the prosperity of the country. This is one of the greatest feats performed under the Songun politics of the Workers' Party of Korea.
    The Songun politics is a viable politics that helps to make leaping progress in the building of a great prosperous powerful nation in reliance upon science and technology.
    It is the stand of the WPK that the combination of latest science and technology with revolutionary idea and matchless arms makes it possible to build a powerful country. Embodied in the Songun politics is the idea of attaching importance to science that requires to increase self-defensive military capability in every way and build a great prosperous powerful nation at an early date on the basis of science and technology.
    The WPK's line of attaching importance to science and technology in the era of Songun is the idea of giving precedence to science that science and technology should be developed first of all in any trials. It is the bold idea of scientific revolution that requires to place the nation's science and technology on a world level in the shortest span of time and the admirable scientific and technical strategy calling for concentrating all efforts of the nation on the development of science and technology.
    World-startling achievements have been registered in the field of science in the DPRK. Its success in a nuclear test is a demonstration of its scientific and technological potentials.
    The practices of the Korean revolution gave a fresh truth to history that the dawn of national prosperity is broken by Songun.
    The road to Songun is just a road to patriotism which can be taken only by a great patriot, the father of the nation with heroic devotion to the people. Kim Jong Il is a peerless patriot who has brought the eternal prosperity of the country with Songun. It is the high pride of the Korean people and the good luck of our generation to live and make revolution under his leadership in the era when the dawn of a great prosperous powerful nation is breaking.
    The Korean army and people will surely accomplish the cause of building a great prosperous powerful socialist nation of Juche with great hope and firm confidence in future under his Songun revolutionary leadership.

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