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Cultural Legacies Preserved Well under Care of Peerlessly Great Men

Korean Central News Agency of DPRK via Korea News Service (KNS)

   Pyongyang, November 6 (KCNA) -- The time-honored history and culture of the Korean nation have been preserved well under the warm care of the peerlessly great men. On November 3, Juche 35(1946), President Kim Il Sung made round the ancient Kangso tombs and said that it was important to preserve and manage well the cultural legacies in glorifying the history of the nation.
    That day he told officials of Kangso County that the tombs, belonging to the period of Koguryo a thousand and hundreds of years ago, had wonderful murals and the color of the pictures remained unchanged though much water had flown under the bridge.
    Also he instructed them that the tombs in Kangso which had been severely destroyed by the Japanese imperialists should be promptly restored, illustrating in detail the issues arising in preserving and managing the cultural legacies.
    During the hard-fought Korean war, no sooner had Seoul been liberated than the President organized and guided rescue operation of the True Records of the Ri Dynasty, a priceless national treasure. And he saw to it that it had been safely kept in the supreme command until the end of the war.
    After then, he led the work of translating the True Records from the Chinese character into Korean reflecting more than 500-year long history of the Ri Dynasty.
    The President gave field guidance to King Tongmyong's mausoleum of Koguryo, King Wang Kon's mausoleum of Koryo and others and taught that historical cultural legacies should be arranged, preserved and managed well. And in the closing years of his life, he saw to it to unearth and study the historical evidence of King Tangun, founder of the nation, and energetically guided the project of erecting the mausoleum in grandeur, thus ascertaining the 5,000-year-long history of the nation.
    Remaining true to the President's lofty intention, Kim Jong Il rectified the distorted and obliterated history of the nation already in his days at Kim Il Sung University. While making an inspection tour of army units to give the Songun revolutionary leadership, he called at the Ryangchon Temple and other cultural relics, instructing officials to preserve and manage better the cultural heritage of the nation.
    It is also attributable to his guidance that the national Ssirum (Korean wrestling) tournament for "Grand Bull Prize", Korean national costume exhibition and other activities have been briskly held amid a great concern of the people in recent years. As a result, the folk traditions keep in full bloom in all fields of social life.

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