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Rodong Sinmun on Korean Nation-First Spirit

Korean Central News Agency of DPRK via Korea News Service (KNS)

   Pyongyang, May 26 (KCNA) -- The Korean nation-first spirit is a powerful driving force pushing forward the June 15 era of reunification as it is the idea and sentiment reflecting the unanimous desire and will of the fellow countrymen to demonstrate all over the world the dignity and might of the Korean nation which has five thousand-year-long history, fine culture and proud traditions. Rodong Sinmun says this in a signed article Friday.
    It goes on:
    It is the firm will and faith of leader Kim Jong Il to defend the sovereignty of the country and the nation, achieve independent reunification and demonstrate the dignity of Kim Il Sung's nation all over the world under the banner of the Korean nation-first spirit.
    Only when the fellow countrymen struggle in unity in the spirit of national independence and patriotism with will to defend more precious national independence than life and pave the wide avenue for reunification and independence, can they meet the outrageous challenge of the aggression forces and demonstrate the dignity and honor of a homogeneous nation.
    The Korean nation-first spirit serves as a firm ideological foundation of the struggle to establish national sovereignty, source of nationality, banner of defending the nation and treasure sword of peace and reunification.
    Today when the movement for independent reunification is being accelerated, attitude toward the Korean nation-first spirit is a touchstone distinguishing between patriotism and treachery, between reunification and division and between independence and subordination. All the fellow countrymen should turn out in the nation-wide struggle with their determination and will to make a more contribution to the cause of peaceful reunification on which the destiny and future of the nation rest. A man faithful to the Korean nation-first spirit will lead the precious life of a patriot to be remembered by the country and the nation and a man who disregards and denies it will get only the shame of a traitor.
    Only the spirit serves as a powerful weapon for national independent development and prosperity, the article concludes.

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