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Mangyongdae and "10 Scenic Spots of Hwachon"

Korean Central News Agency of DPRK via Korea News Service (KNS)

    Pyongyang, April 19 (KCNA) -- The name of Mangyongdae in Pyongyang was derived from its beautiful kaleidoscopic views. Since olden times Mangyongdae and its surrounding areas have been called Hwachon and famous as one of the scenic spots in the country. The beautiful scenes viewed from Mangyong Hill have been called "10 Scenic Spots of Hwachon". The ten scenic views of Hwachon include landscape of Mangyongdae in spring, night view of three islets lit by the moon, fish-catching in Pongpho, cows grazing on U Hill, smoke curling up from chimneys in Kwangchon village, sailing boats in Sokho, green foliage of Mt. Yang, red cliff of Mt. Wonam, view of sowing seeds in Chugyo and view of sending guests off at the Tongrim Ferry.
    Most beautiful among them is the landscape of Mangyongdae in spring resembling to a flower garden in which all kinds of flowers are in full bloom.
    Introducing the ten scenic views of Hwachon, a historical document says: The Pyongyang area is noted for its scenic spots. The beautiful Hwachon can be said the acme of such spots. As for the scenery of Mangyongdae, it is no exaggeration to say that such a scenery can be seen nowhere in the country.
    Meanwhile, many writers have reflected the beauty of Mangyongdae in their poems. Ri Si Hang, a talented local poet, who lived in Pyongyang in the 18th century, wrote in his poem "On Mangyong Hill" that he failed to find a verse to reflect in his poem beautiful Mangyongdae rising above jade green cloud.
    The "10 Scenic Spots of Hwachon" centering around Mangyongdae is pride of the nation along with the eight scenic views of Pyongyang.
    Mangyongdae, the native place of President Kim Il Sung, is the sacred land of the revolution dear to the hearts of the Korean people and the world progressives.

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