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SPA Hears Report on Work of Cabinet in 2005 and Its Tasks for 2006

Korean Central News Agency of DPRK via Korea News Service (KNS)

    Pyongyang, April 11 (KCNA) -- Deputy Pak Pong Ju, premier of the Cabinet, made a report on the first agenda item "On the review of the work of the DPRK Cabinet in Juche 94 (2005) and its tasks for Juche 95 (2006)" at the 4th session of the 11th Supreme People's Assembly held at the Mansudae Assembly Hall in Pyongyang on Tuesday. The Cabinet planned and conducted economic work with main stress on increasing grain production, completing major objects of construction and of reconstruction and modernization and rejuvenating overall industrial production in reliance upon the already built economic foundation by concentrating and mobilizing all potentials of the country, while implementing up to the hilt the line of economic construction in the era of Songun under the wise leadership of the Workers' Party of Korea, the reporter said, and continued:.
    Last year witnessed successes bigger than those achieved in previous few years in the field of socialist economic construction, thanks to the patriotic endeavors of the army and people who rose up in hearty response to the joint slogan of the Central Committee and the Central Military Commission of the WPK calling for glorifying the 60th anniversary of the WPK as a grand festival of victors.
    Productive upswing that swept all the fields of the national economy led to growth in the production of main indices, notably an 11 percent gain in power generation and a 10 percent gain in coal output. This is patent proof that the economy of the country decidedly entered upon the road of rejuvenation.
    Fresh progress was noticed in grain production under the wise leadership of the WPK which designated the agricultural front as the main front in socialist economic construction last year.
    More than 130 major objects of construction and of reconstruction and modernization were successfully completed to put fresh muscles into the nation's economic foundation. Great efforts were directed to scientific researches and introduction of advanced science and technology last year along the Party's line of attaching importance to science and technology. As a result, over 1,050 plan targets of scientific and technological development including major objects of the state were successfully beaten to satisfactorily solve scientific and technological problems arising in the technological reconstruction and modernization of the national economy.
    Progress was made in educational and cultural building last year to give fuller play to the advantages of the Party's Juche-oriented policy of education and popular policy of health care.
    All these successes in economic and cultural construction last year, the reporter stated, were brilliant fruits reaped by the experienced and tested political ability of the Party reliably carrying forward and bringing to accomplishment the revolutionary cause of Juche under the banner of Songun.
    The reporter outlined tasks arising in giving full scope to the advantages of Korean-style socialism in all fields of politics, military affairs, economy and culture by putting another spur to the general march for Songun revolution under the militant slogan of the Party "Let us make a new leap in the building of a great prosperous powerful socialist nation with the might of Songun!"
    He went on:
    The Cabinet will hold fast to the principle of giving top priority to the increase of military capabilities in all fields of socialist construction and ensure with a sense of responsibility material supplies for the development of defense industry as required by the line of economic construction in the era of Songun, upholding the Songun revolutionary leadership of the WPK.
    It is the most important task facing the Cabinet this year to effect a decisive turn in economic development and people's living by launching an all-out offensive in all fronts of the building of a great prosperous powerful nation.
    The main task in the economic work this year is to fully solve the food problem of the people by decisively increasing agricultural production, radically bolster up coal and metal production and make a leap in rebuilding and modernizing the overall national economy and rejuvenating production, thus giving unreserved scope to the might of the socialist self-reliant national economy.
    The Cabinet will bring a radical turn in implementing the Party's line of attaching importance to science and technology with this SPA session as a momentum. This year, too, the Cabinet will put great efforts into improving services for the people and bolstering land upbuilding and city management as the householder responsible for the people's living.
    It will pay deep attention to the improvement of external economic activities as required by the changed circumstances and realistic demand so as to consolidate the export bases in all domains of the national economy, steadily increase the items and production of exports, actively explore new foreign markets and make foreign trade diversified and many-sided. And it will engage itself in brisk external economic cooperation including joint venture and collaboration with overseas Korean traders and manufacturers and foreign enterprises on the principle of assimilating advanced technology.
    It will also direct sizable efforts to the accelerated building of socialist culture this year to give free rein to the advantages of socialist culture in the era of Songun. The tasks facing the Cabinet are vast and difficulties and ordeals are still lying in the way of its activities this year. But there is no difficulty insurmountable and no fortress unconquerable as there are the invincible Songun revolutionary leadership of the Party, the heroic people and the reliable foundation of the self-reliant national economy.

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