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24th April Spring Friendship Art Festival Opens

Korean Central News Agency of DPRK via Korea News Service (KNS)

    Pyongyang, April 10 (KCNA) -- The 24th April Spring Friendship Art Festival was opened in Pyongyang on Monday. As dusk fell, the festively decorated Pyongyang Grand Theatre, the venue of its inaugural ceremony, and streets adjacent to it were brightly lit. Flags of the festival were seen fluttering and its posters displayed at the plaza of the theatre. There a women's brass band played merry music with attracting rhythms while dancers in graceful national costumes presented beautiful dances and acrobats colorful numbers.
    Present at the opening ceremony were Vice-President of the Presidium of the DPRK Supreme People's Assembly Yang Hyong Sop, Minister of Culture Kim Jin Song who is chairman of the organizing committee of the festival and other officials concerned, working people and artistes in the city.
    Also present were foreign artistes and overseas Korean artistes, the Chinese government cultural delegation and other foreign delegations and delegates participating in the festival, honorary guests of the festival, foreign diplomatic envoys and embassy officials here and foreign guests and overseas Koreans staying in Pyongyang.
    Kim Jin Song in an opening address said that it is the pleasure of the Korean people and the pride of humankind to have such a friendly stage of world-level in Pyongyang as the April Spring Friendship Art Festival which brought together the men of culture and arts from different parts of the world aspiring after genuine arts so that they might have the opportunity to loudly sing of the songs of independence, peace and friendship and enrich human culture and arts.
    The festival would provide its participants with chances to present diverse and peculiar programs representing the shining achievements made by various countries, nations and regions of the world in the cultural development and thus enrich genuine human civilization and emotion and give strong impetus to the development of human culture, he noted.
    He expressed the belief that the festival would encourage the development of human culture and the just cause of the popular masses.
    Oleg Oleinik, president of the Russian International Charity Fund "Protectors of Arts for the Century" who is heading its delegation, in a congratulatory speech said that the Korean people, guided by the immortal Juche idea founded by President Kim Il Sung, the eternal sun of Korea, are fully determined to defend the sovereignty of the country and apply the idea of independence, peace and friendship, the centuries-old desire of humankind.
    The last instructions of Kim Il Sung, the father of socialist Korea and the great man of the century, are being successfully carried out under the wise leadership of Kim Jong Il and the feats performed by Kim Il Sung are highly appreciated by the world, he noted.
    He said that participating in the festival he once again keenly realized the invincible might displayed by the Korean people under the leadership of Kim Jong Il. Foreign and Korean artistes hoisted the flag of the festival amid the playing of the song "Brilliant Country" in the theatre.
    The inaugural ceremony was followed by a performance given by Korean artistes.

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