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Papers Call for Glorifying Kim Il Sung's Leadership Exploits

Korean Central News Agency of DPRK via Korea News Service (KNS)

    Pyongyang, April 1 (KCNA) -- Papers here today in editorials carried in the run-up to the significant Day of the Sun call for eternally glorifying the immortal leadership exploits of President Kim Il Sung. Rodong Sinmun says that it is the noble mission and honorable task of the army and people of the DPRK to eternally glorify the leadership exploits of the President and wage a dynamic drive for building a great prosperous powerful socialist nation and thus implement his behests to the letter. It goes on:
    The history of his revolutionary activities was a glorious history of the peerless patriot and great sage who did all he could for the sake of the country, the revolution and the nation and performed immortal exploits to shine in the annals of the country forever. The exploits performed by him in the glorious days provided the Korean people with an eternal foundation for building a great prosperous powerful nation and accomplishing the cause of socialism.
    The ideas, line and policies set out by him with his clairvoyant wisdom, always mixing with people and sharing weal and woe with them serve as unshakable guidelines for the Korean revolution.
    The great prosperous powerful nation being built by the Korean people is a Juche-oriented great prosperous powerful nation as it will be guided by the ideas and line of the President. The DPRK has not committed any slightest error in its efforts to bring about the greatest success in building Korean-style socialism as he laid down all guidelines for every unit and field. His behests serve as an eternal guiding principle indicating the way for Korean-style socialism to follow.
    Kim Jong Il's Songun leadership is aimed at glorifying Kim Il Sung's ideas and exploits from A to Z. It is necessary to add shine to his glorious revolutionary history and immortal leadership exploits this significant year, the 80th anniversary of the Down-With-Imperialism Union. Herein lies a sure guarantee for successfully materializing generation after generation the ideas and cause of the President who is always alive with the country and the nation and Korean-style socialism. Minju Joson underscores the need for all Koreans to successfully carry forward and accomplish the glorious revolutionary traditions of the Workers' Party of Korea so as to build a great prosperous powerful socialist nation on this land as early as possible and accomplish the revolutionary cause of Juche.

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