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S. Korean Press Corps' False Report Refuted

Korean Central News Agency of DPRK via Korea News Service (KNS)

    Mt. Kumgang Resort, March 23 (KCNA) -- South Korean reporters, when covering the first batch of those involved in the 13th reunion of separated families and relatives from the north and the south on Mar. 20, released a provocative false report painting a man from the north side as one "abducted" or "captured" by the north in a bid to mislead the public opinion. In this regard the north side immediately lodged a strong protest with them against this false propaganda.
    Nevertheless, the south side's press corps kicked up a fuss about its "withdrawal", refusing to cover the reunion of the second batch, far from apologizing for their provocative act.
    As regards the south side's ceaseless provocations, the head of the north side's group participating in the 13th reunion of separated families and relatives clarified some points to the head of the south side on March 23.
    He made it clear that if the south Korean press corps refuses to cover the reunion and wants to go back, it should no longer think of coming to Mt. Kumgang to cover the next reunion.
    The north side notes with regret that the south side intended to use the reunion of separated families and relatives for a sinister political purpose from its outset, he noted, and continued: The separated families and relatives from the north side and the people are bitterly angered by the behavior of the south side deliberately throwing obstacles to the reunion of separated families and relatives while clamoring about "abduction" and "capture". They are demanding a severe punishment of the prime movers of this farce. He stated that the south side wantonly violated the points upon which both sides agreed regarding news coverage and its behavior is a challenge to the sincerity and magnanimity of the north side.
    He further said:
    It was none other than the south side that committed a provocation to bedevil the inter-Korean relations, deliberately laid a hurdle in the way of the reunion and beclouded the prospect of the inter-Korean relations.
    The south side should own full responsibility for the incident and its consequences before the separated families and relatives and other fellow countrymen.

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