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Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMD)

KCNA Comments on U.S. Nuclear Gamble

Korean Central News Agency of DPRK via Korea News Service (KNS)

    Pyongyang, March 20 (KCNA) -- The U.S. is now assailed by the international community for concluding a "nuclear agreement" with a certain country. The "nuclear agreement" has been criticized as a double-dealing nuclear gamble which destroys the international nuclear non-proliferation system. Reuters said that the "nuclear agreement", a clear example showing that the U.S. interest is above the interest of the world, gives a serious lesson that international relations are changed according to the logic of strength and reason and coherent logic pushed away.
    European media accused the U.S. of enforcing a double-dealing policy in the nuclear issue by giving an exceptional "benefit" to a certain country while applying a different mode of solution to the nuclear issues of north Korea and Iran. Media reported that in the "agreement" the U.S. officially recognized the status of a nuclear state which has developed nuclear weapons outside the NPT, thus increasing the danger of the possible appearance of the second and the third nuclear states. The world public understands the justness of the DPRK stand toward the nuclear issue of the Korean Peninsula, its possession of self-defensive nuclear weapons and its right of peaceful nuclear activities.
    Media charged that the U.S. praised the "illegal act" of the country as a "legal act" and gave it a gift for its past "illegal act", which proves that sanctions on north Korea which withdrew from the NPT and declared its possession of nuclear weapons are groundless. BBC reported that the U.S. gave a new lesson this time after having convinced north Korea by invading Iraq that it may be protected only by nuclear weapons Reuters said that the U.S. alleged it offers a special treatment to India because it had not transferred nuclear technology to a third country for a long time, but there is no evidence that north Korea and Iran made nuclear proliferation. The U.S. allegation is a typical logic of the superpower, Reuters added.
    The New York Times said that the "nuclear agreement" between the U.S. and India is a big nuclear gamble which is viewed to control the proliferation of nuclear weapons in the way of making compensation to a "responsible" nuclear state and punishing an "irresponsible" state. Bush is attempting to amend the rules that have existed for 30 odd years, the rules stipulating that nuclear technology shall not be provided to those states which did not sign the NPT, the newspaper added.
    And public opinion says that the recent "nuclear agreement" is to contain China in Asia.
    The French newspaper "Liberation" said that the purpose of the "nuclear agreement" is to materialize a control policy against China which is presenting itself as a political, economic and military power in Asia. AFP pointed out that after the conclusion of the agreement, Chinese people strongly assert that China should recognize north Korea's possession of nuclear weapons and provide north Korea with long-range ballistic missiles in order to counter the U.S. moves to siege China.
    Public opinion says that the U.S. irrevocably violated its declaration that no more nuclear states may appear.
    Nordic media expressed apprehension about the U.S. double-dealing action in the NPT issue, saying that the agreement is a vivid evidence that the U.S. is taking the lead in destroying the NPT system and it is little different from a declaration of a total collapse of global nuclear order.
    As public opinion says, the U.S. unfair and self-righteous nuclear policy will inevitably cause a nuclear arms race.
    The U.S. is to blame for the violation of the NPT and nuclear proliferation.

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