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Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMD)

KCNA Blasts U.S. Dangerous Moves to Spark off Nuclear Arms Race

Korean Central News Agency of DPRK via Korea News Service (KNS)

    Pyongyang, March 13 (KCNA) -- The U.S. undisguised moves to step up the modernization of nuclear weapons production bases in a bid to put its plan for the R & D of nuclear weapons of new generation into practice is drawing attention of the world public. The nuclear security director for nuclear weapons development of the U.S. Department of Energy at the Armed Services Committee of the House of Representatives announced a plan to modernize all the bases of the production of nuclear weapons of new generation by 2030.
    The key points of the plan are to perfect those bases which would involve their infrastructural renewal geared to the new-type nuclear warhead development program to be prepared for unpredictable future.
    The aim sought by the U.S. in its stepped-up modernization of nuclear weapons production bases is to hold unchallenged edge in the strategic nuclear weapons and realize its strategy of world supremacy. Nuclear arms buildup is the hardcore of the U.S. drive for the implementation of this strategy by force.
    It is its pet theory that it can stand at a decisive advantage over other nuclear weapons states and dominate the world only when it develops more powerful nuclear weapons and possesses them in greater number than other countries. The U.S. has spent a staggering amount of fund to massively develop and produce all types of nuclear weapons including strategic and tactical nuclear weapons in the past. Stockpiled in its nuclear arsenal are more than 20,000 nuclear weapons including nuclear bombs, nuclear warheads of inter-continental ballistic missiles and cruise missiles.
    It has constantly supplemented and renewed its nuclear arsenal through the replacement of old ones and improvement of weapons' performance. What remains to be done by it now in keeping its unchallenged nuclear edge is to rationalize the production processes of new-type nuclear weapons under development and increase their production. To this end, it has buckled down to modernizing their production bases, putting the main stress on the development of "new-type nuclear warheads" which was carried by Congress last year.
    Through the modernization of the production bases of nuclear weapons of new generation the U.S. seeks to significantly increase the speed of production of nuclear weapons and improve their quality and quantity, deploy more of them as quickly as possible and thus ensure its unchallenged nuclear predominance and realize its ambition for world supremacy.
    The U.S. modernization plan is, explicitly speaking, an extremely adventurous nuclear war plan to bring a horrible nuclear disaster to humankind. It is self-evident that this would spark off a nuclear arms race in the international arena. The reality clearly proves that the U.S. is a nuclear fanatic and a rogue state threatening peace and stability of humankind.
    The U.S. is letting loose sophism that the modernization of nuclear weapons does not pose any problem, unlike the development of new- type nuclear weapon, and that the NPT does not ban the modernization of nuclear combat capability while loudly crying for the modernization of the production bases of nuclear weapons of new generation. It is pressurizing other countries not to possess nuclear weapons while framing sheer lies and breeding plots to justify its stepped-up development of new-type nuclear weapons and modernization of their production bases. This is the height of effrontery. The DPRK, a target of the U.S. preemptive nuclear attack, cannot but keep the sharpest vigilance against its spurred preparations to put its doctrine of this attack into practice.
    The U.S. feverish development of smaller nukes of new types and modernization of nuclear weapons production bases targeted against the DPRK convinces the latter once again that its possession and increase of nuclear deterrent is an entirely just self-defensive measure.

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