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KCNA Blasts CNN's Anti-DPRK Diatribe

Korean Central News Agency of DPRK via Korea News Service (KNS)

    Pyongyang, November 26 (KCNA) -- CNN is now acting a shock force in conducting the U.S. psychological campaign against the DPRK. It aired a video tape which serious misrepresented the independent and fair and aboveboard measures taken by the DPRK for enforcing laws, without confirming their truth.
    The video tape is full of sheer lies negating the popular and class nature and the democratic principle of the DPRK's laws and tarnishing its image from A to Z.
    CNN telecast without hesitation what other media hesitated to do so in the past. This clearly proves that the CNN has been reduced to a trumpeter and a political waiting maid for the U.S. administration.
    The U.S. set in motion reptile media whenever its hostile policy toward the DPRK was caught in a cleft. This is its trite method. Last year, too, the U.S. instigated the Washington Post to spread the story of "experiment of poisonous gas on human bodies" on the basis of "testimonies allegedly made by defectors from the north".
    The U.S. has left no means untried to slander the DPRK, prompted by its inveterate rejection of the political system in it. After its unsuccessful attempt to force the DPRK to "scrap its nuclear program first" aimed to disarm it the U.S. has become frantic with orchestrating various forms of psychological operations.
    The video tape the CNN broadcast at the instigation of the U.S. administration might be a product of its psychological campaign against the DPRK to realize a "regime change" in it.
    It is nothing surprising that such video tape is aired in the U.S. as it is infamous for concocting the whole gamut of smear operations such as "human rights abuse", "drug smuggling", "human traffic" and "counterfeit money."
    We are compelled to criticize the CNN styling itself the world's most independent broadcasting body, for having behaved so mean in pursuit of profits. The CNN is losing popularity as the days go by although it had high audience rating in the world in the past. Much upset by this, the CNN staged such poor farce to improve its image.
    But such farce only deprived it of objectivity, impartiality and independence in the international arena. The U.S. has lost both principle and interests. No sooner had the video tape been broadcast than those who know about the DPRK even a bit claimed that the way of speaking and dressing of those who appeared on the screen and the background against which the scenes were shot were quite different from the reality in the DPRK, a clear proof of a sheer fabrication.
    Whenever it visited the DPRK CNN blamed other Western media for their lack of impartiality and objectivity, asking the host to grant the right to cover events in the DPRK to it only.
    So, the DPRK side allowed its press corps to visit it several times and provided it with every possible condition for news coverage. However, recently CNN has broken faith with the DPRK, giving rise to a question as to whether it has done it, displeased with its opening the door to other media in the U.S. on the principle of ensuring broad-based nature of news coverage or because of the pressure from its authorities or prompted by its foolish calculation to improve its image with the adoption of the anti-DPRK "human rights resolution" at the UN as a momentum.
    Through the recent farce the CNN dug its own grave.
    CNN's behavior of serving the administration in its hostile policy toward the DPRK only revealed its despicable ulterior motive to prolong its dirty remaining days and make profits.
    It is deplorable that CNN is in such a position to depart from objectivity and impartiality in its service, away from the basic press ethics. The recent farce helped the DPRK know well about the reason why the international community does not trust CNN, terming it a prejudiced and self-justified reptile broadcasting service.
    As far as the issue of enforcing state laws is concerned, the doctrine of "freedom and democracy" advocated by CNN may suit the specific reality in the U.S., the world's worst human rights abuser. But the DPRK has law and order and democracy of its own style which defend the ideology and system chosen by its own people and provide them with genuine human rights.
    We do not deny the fact that the DPRK also has its own punishment system such as death penalty for those who committed felony by infringing upon its own sovereignty and system and people's life and property as is the case with many other countries.
    But the DPRK does not use such barbaric execution method as the U.S. has used in different parts of the world in the present century as well as in the last century.
    It is only the U.S. that is using such harsh torture and execution method as forcing the prisoner to sit on an electric chair, the method unanimously denounced by the world people.
    We will not show any mercy to those who are hostile to the DPRK no matter how often the U.S. may cite its independent law enforcement measures for attaining its political purpose to bring down the inviolable and dignified political system in the DPRK.
    All the facts go to clearly prove that its words that "it recognizes the DPRK as a sovereign state" and it "wants to normalize relations with it" are nothing but hypocrisy and its ambition to realize a "regime change" in the DPRK remains unchanged.
    The DPRK will consolidate the single-minded unity of its people around the supreme headquarters as firm as a rock in order to frustrate the hostile forces' ever-more undisguised moves to isolate and stifle it.

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