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Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMD)

UNSC Urged to Ensure Impartiality in Its Activities

Korean Central News Agency of DPRK via Korea News Service (KNS)

    Pyongyang, November 16 (KCNA) -- It is the most urgent task for the UN Security Council to ensure impartiality in its activities if it is to fulfill its responsibility for international peace and security. A DPRK delegate said this during the discussion "on the UNSC report and the issue of its reform," an agenda item of the plenary session of the 60th UN General Assembly, held on Nov. 11. He recalled that 60 years have passed since the UNSC was established with its basic mission for ensuring international peace and security when the United Nations was founded after the Second World War. Regretfully, the world has never been in peace, he said, and went on: The UNSC has not successfully fulfilled its responsibility for international peace and security as required by the UN Charter. This has always been chiefly attributable to its lack of impartiality in its activities.
    The "UN forces command", a typical example of partiality in the UNSC activities, has existed in the south of the Korean Peninsula for more than half a century. The "UN forces command" is, in fact, the U.S. forces command under the UN helmet and this proves that the sacred name of the UN is being abused by the U.S. for implementing its strategy for dominating Asia.
    Under this situation it is necessary for the UN to take measures for eliminating unfair aspects of the UNSC activities while enlarging it if its reform now under debate is to prove a genuine reform in the true sense of the term.
    The UNSC should be expanded on the principle of ensuring full representation of the non-aligned and other developing countries which account for a majority of UN member nations.
    Unlike the issue of expanding the non-permanent membership the increase of permanent seats of the UNSC is beset with delicate and complicated problems such as criteria for choosing new permanent members and offer of the right to veto.
    Well known is the DPRK stand on opposing Japan's bid for permanent membership of the UNSC because it has not honestly redressed hideous crimes it committed against humanity in the past.
    The DPRK delegation once again strongly holds that the equal representation at the UNSC, the increase of its members and other issues should be solved in the interests of the developing countries, he concluded.

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