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Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMD)

End to U.S. Forces' Presence in S. Korea Urged

Korean Central News Agency of DPRK via Korea News Service (KNS)

    Pyongyang, November 15 (KCNA) -- Rodong Sinmun Tuesday in a signed article terms the U.S. forces in south Korea occupation and domination forces ruling south Korea and its people after illegally occupying it. The article calls on the Korean nation to put an end to the disgraceful history of the U.S. forces' occupation through a dynamic struggle to force them to quit south Korea. The Korean nation should no longer allow the disgraceful and tragic history of the U.S. forces' presence in south Korea to go on and permit them to remain there, the article says, and goes on: The U.S. forces in south Korea are the aggression troops and the root cause of war as they have pursued aggression and war against Korea and brought dark clouds of a war to hang over it.
    The U.S. forces in south Korea are chiefly to blame for the division of Korea. They are a stumbling block lying in the way of the Korean nation's unity and reunification.
    The Korea nation was divided into the north and the south after the country was liberated and Korea has not yet been reunified, although 60 years have passed since then, entirely due to the U.S. forces' occupation of south Korea and their obstructions. The U.S. is desperately working to check the advance of the June 15 era for reunification even today when all Koreans are advancing toward reconciliation and independent reunification under the banner of "By our nation itself."
    The U.S. forces in south Korea are a group of cruel murders and criminals as they have committed thrice-cursed crimes against the Korean nation.
    It is impossible for the Koreans to achieve the country's peace and reunification or avoid disaster and calamity unless the U.S. forces' presence in south Korea is terminated.

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