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Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMD)

Kim Jong Il Inspects KPA Unit

Korean Central News Agency of DPRK via Korea News Service (KNS)

   Pyongyang, November 10 (KCNA) -- Supreme Commander of the Korean People's Army Kim Jong Il, general secretary of the Workers' Party of Korea and chairman of the National Defence Commission of the Democratic People's Republic of Korea, inspected KPA Unit 802 honored with the title of O Jung Hup-led Seventh Regiment. After receiving a salute, he looked round the room devoted to the history of the unit.
    He highly appreciated the exploits performed by the unit, noting that the unit honored with "Kim Il Sung Order" and the titles of Kum Song Lifeguard and O Jung Hup-led Seventh Regiment is a unit with the tradition of having taken the lead in upholding the WPK's Songun leadership by displaying popular heroism in defending the country and building socialism.
    Then he acquainted himself with the unit's performance of duty and set forth the tasks to be fulfilled by it.
    He learned about how the political work is conduced among the servicepersons, going round the soldiers' hall and other entertainment and educational facilities.
    Highly praising the unit for conducting the lively revolutionary education and working class education in diverse forms and methods, he underlined the need to pay primary attention to the ideological education in order to prepare all the soldiers as servicepersons strong in thought and faith. It's very good that the unit which has produced many heroes in the past is now waging a dynamic movement to learn from the noble revolutionary spirit displayed by the heroes, he said, calling upon all of them to glorify every moment of their worthwhile military service with feats and thus become heroes of the new century.
    He looked after the soldiers' service and living with profound care, making the rounds of a mess hall, a kitchen, a non-staple food store and other places. Noting that the vitality of the movement of " day for soldiers" now brisk in the whole army is now being given fuller play with each passing day, he stressed that this is a laudable trait which can be displayed only by the KPA which has achieved the perfect unity between the officers and soldiers and between the superiors and the inferiors based on revolutionary comradeship.
    He had a photo session with the servicepersons of the unit.
    He was accompanied by KPA Generals Ri Myong Su, Hyon Chol Hae and Pak Jae Gyong, First Vice Department Director of the WPK Central Committee Ri Jae Il and Vice Department Director of the WPK Central Committee Hwang Pyong So.

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