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KPA Panmunjom Mission Sends Telephone Message to U.S. Forces Side

Korean Central News Agency of DPRK via Korea News Service (KNS)

    Pyongyang, November 9 (KCNA) -- As already reported, the Panmunjom Mission of the Korean People's Army, in its spokesman's statement issued on Nov. 2, accused the U.S. forces side of deliberately deteriorating the situation in the conference area in Panmunjom and the areas along the Military Demarcation Line (MDL) and warned that if it persistently disregards the agreed points and practice observed by both sides over the last several decades in the conference area in Panmunjom, this will only compel the KPA side to take measures to cope with its action. On October 28, 1987 both sides agreed to jointly use the "conference room of the Military Armistice Commission" on the MDL as a place to be visited with a view to contributing to easing the tensions and maintaining security in the conference area of Panmunjom, but the U.S. forces side recently locked up the "conference room" in a bid to prevent the visitors of our side from entering it in violation of the agreement, rendering the situation in the area unstable and creating extreme distrust between them.
    The U.S. forces side has not shown any response even after the spokesman for the Panmunjom Mission issued the statement.
    In this regard Senior Colonel of the KPA Kwak Yong Hun of the Panmunjom Mission sent a telephone message to his U.S. forces counterpart on Nov. 9. The message says:
    Since Oct. 2 the U.S. forces side kept the door to the northern portion of the "MAC conference room" locked up to prevent the visitors of our side from entering it in utter defiance of the agreement on jointly using the "conference room of the MAC" on the MDL in the conference area of Panmunjom reached between the two sides.
    In this regard our side warned several times the U.S. forces side of the grave consequences to be entailed by its base and unreasonable behavior and repeatedly demanded it open the door and remain true to the agreement.
    The U.S. forces side, however, has kept the door locked up to this date though more than one month has passed since the demand was made by us and obstructed the tour of Panmunjom by members of visiting groups of our side, defying our just demand.
    As taught by lessons in the past, the area is so acute and sensitive that even a small accidental case may cause unpredictable grave consequences. Nevertheless, the U.S. forces side has abandoned its commitment to implement the agreement which specifies the order of conduct to be observed in the area in defiance of it.
    This situation compels the KPA side to get rid of the binding force of the agreement of both sides.
    Hence, the KPA side has decided to take the following measures:
    First. We will not allow any personnel, vehicles and equipment of the U.S. forces to enter the portion of our side beyond the MDL with a view to checking and repairing the three buildings under the control of the U.S. forces side in the area along the MDL in the conference area of Panmunjom. Second. We will stop the use and repair of facilities established by the U.S. forces side in the area of our side on the MDL.
    Our side demands the U.S. forces side suspend the operation of the facilities installed in the area of our side outside the "MAC conference room" within 48 hours since the latter received our telephone message.
    In case the operation of the facilities is not halted till this time limit, our side will take necessary measures on its own initiative.
    Should the U.S. forces side do not heed to our advice, the KPA side will continue to take more necessary counter-measures. The U.S. forces side should be held fully accountable for all the ensuing consequences.

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