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KCNA Refutes U.S. Anti-DPRK Human Rights Campaign

Korean Central News Agency of DPRK via Korea News Service (KNS)

    Pyongyang, November 8 (KCNA) -- The United States has become all the more vicious in its anti-DPRK smear campaign under the pretext of its "human rights issue." Shortly ago, the U.S. manipulated the Freedom House and other NGOs to hold an "international conference on the north Korean human rights issue" and staged such farce as mailing a bundle of letters of complaints.
    It also instigated Britain and other countries to fabricate and spread sheer fictions about "illicit dealings" such as "counterfeit notes" and "drug smuggling." Under the U.S. manipulation Britain referred "a draft resolution on the north Korean human rights issue" to the 60th session of the UN General Assembly on behalf of the EU despite the objection of several countries including some EU nations, thus joining the U.S. in its "human rights" campaign. This clearly reveals that the U.S. hostile policy toward the DPRK remains unchanged as it diametrically runs counter to the spirit of the fourth round of the six-party talks.
    The U.S. is keen to slander the DPRK and pressurize it at a time when key issues pending solution between the two countries need serious discussion with the fifth round of the six-party talks near at hand. It is virtually intolerable when taking the relations between sovereign states into account and a serious insult to its dialogue partner.
    Lurking behind the U.S. "human rights racket" is a foolish attempt to escalate pressure upon the DPRK, wrest a "concession" from it at the forthcoming six-party talks and, furthermore, realize a "regime change" in it.
    The human rights issue has been misused by the U.S. as a means for achieving its political purpose and as leverage for painting its illegal acts for "regime changes" in other countries as legitimate acts.
    It is the U.S. objective to realize "regime changes" in those countries of politico-economic and strategic importance and in those anti-U.S. independent countries under the pretext of "human rights issue."
    To this end the U.S. adopted the "North Korean Human Rights Act" last year aimed at "improving the human rights performance" in the DPRK and decided to allot tens of millions of dollars for this purpose. Recently the U.S. set it as the ultimate goal of its administration to put an "end to tyranny" in the DPRK.
    Now that the notorious "North Korean Human Rights Act" has entered the phase of full implementation the U.S. is desperately working to build up public opinion about the "human rights issue" in the DPRK among NGOs in the U.S. and "friendly countries" such as Britain so as to create an atmosphere favorable for "international pressure".
    It is ridiculous enough for the U.S., the world's biggest human rights abuser, to try to put international pressure upon the DPRK over its "human rights issue."
    It is truth that the U.S. and Britain are killing innocent civilians almost every day after invading other countries by force under the pretext of "anti-terrorism" and forcing millions to starve to death by applying unreasonable economic sanctions against them. This is the most hideous human rights abuse the international community should call into question among other things.
    The role played by the U.S. as "a human rights judge" characterized by the politicization of human rights, application of double standards and selectivity and arrogant admonition and open interference in other's internal affairs has only touched off mistrust and confrontation among countries, far from improving the human rights performance there.
    The "human rights" touted by the U.S. are, by no means, for the sake of other countries, but to meet its own interest. It is no more than a mean political operation to transform the whole world in American style.
    Explicitly speaking, it will be hard to expect any progress in solving pending issues between the DPRK and the U.S. and that will only adversely affect it should the U.S. and Britain keep going reckless as now.
    The Koreans will never step back from the principle that human rights precisely mean sovereignty but remain strong in their determination to defend Korean-style socialism, their life and soul, at the cost of their life.

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