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KCNA on Rice-Proposed Reunion

Korean Central News Agency of DPRK via Korea News Service (KNS)

    Pyongyang, March 26 (KCNA) -- U.S. State Secretary Rice, addressing Congress, referred to the issue of the reunion of south Korean Americans with their divided families in north Korea and said that she would certainly examine the way of including the issue in the agenda items to be taken up for discussion at the negotiations with the north. Her remarks merit a serious attention as they were made at a time when the speaker of the south Korean National Assembly asserted that south Korea shares the view with the U.S. on the human rights issue in the north during his visit to America.
    The Rice-proposed reunion of south Korean Americans with their separated families in the north is nothing but a smoke screen and hypocrisy intended to cover up crimes.
    The Korean nation with a proud history spanning 5,000 years is a homogenous nation that has lived in harmony in one land from the time immemorial. There had not existed such words as "divided families" among Koreans as they had lived like a harmonious family.
    However, the division of the country and the war of aggression imposed upon the Korean nation by the U.S. in the last century forced great many Koreans to live separated from each other in different places and since then there appeared such words as "divided families" previously unknown in its history.
    The national division that has lasted for more than half a century and the U.S. consistent hostile policy toward the DPRK resulted in adding with each passing day to the misfortune and pain inflicted upon the separated families and relatives in the north and the south of Korea.
    The U.S. fabricated an evil law against humanity called the "North Korean Human Rights Act" and has since spent a huge amount of money to produce more separated families.
    It can not but be undeniable international terrorism and an intolerable human rights abuse for the U.S. to divide more families, not content with forcing Koreans to live separated from each other in the north and the south and abroad.
    The reality clearly proves that the U.S. is chiefly to blame for the existence of so many divided families as it divided Korea into two parts to establish its military supremacy and an arch criminal blocking their reunion by hook or by crook.
    Such being a hard fact, the U.S. dares talk about the reunion of divided families. This is an intolerable insult to the Korean nation desirous of the reunification of the country and a mockery and deception of human conscience.
    The above-said proposal much touted by the U.S. is just part of its reactionary "human rights offensive" against the DPRK and another move to topple it.
    Lurking behind these moves of the U.S. is its foolish attempt to include the issue of the reunion of divided families in its anti-DPRK offensive and escalate pressure upon it.
    The unbiased public opinion at home and abroad should clearly see through the false and deceptive nature of the U.S. criminal moves and heighten vigilance against them. If the U.S. is truly interested in solving humanitarian issues of the Korean nation, it should show it in practice, instead of just paying lip-service to it.
    The U.S. should withdraw from south Korea its forces that have imposed the tragedy of division upon the Korean nation and wantonly abused human rights of south Koreans for more than half a century and, at the same time, roll back its hostile policy toward the DPRK.
    It would be well advised to scrap the "North Korean Human Rights Act" and immediately stop the operation to abduct "north Korean defectors."

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