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Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMD)

Vigilance Must Be Heightened against U.S. Abuse of International Law: KCNA

Korean Central News Agency of DPRK via Korea News Service (KNS)

    Pyongyang, March 12 (KCNA) -- The United States is getting more outspoken in its interference in the internal affairs of sovereign states and its schemes of military intervention against them under the cloak of "anti-terrorism", "non-proliferation of mass-destruction weapons", "freedom and democracy" and "protection of human rights". The U.S. abuses the lever of the international law for its political and military intervention. For example, it misuses the existing international humanitarian law and human rights convention to justify its intrigues to launch military intervention and topple the systems of anti-U.S. independent states.
    The international humanitarian law defines massacre, crime against humanity, use of biochemical and lethal weapons in a war time as war crimes and calls to account under the criminal law with them.
    It is none other than the U.S. which invaded Afghanistan for its purpose and interests under the mottos of "anti-terrorism" to reduce its cities and villages to ruins, thus causing the worst calamities from the humanitarian point of view. It is also the U.S. which encroached upon the sovereignty of Iraq by armed forces by faking up false information and dropped hails of bombs without hesitation even on the heads of defenseless peaceable citizens and children. As many as 25,000 peaceable citizens have already died tragic deaths in the Iraqi war ignited by the U.S. with the massive mobilization of latest weapons of mass destruction.
    In utter disregard of the international law, the U.S. forces dropped bombs at random on civilian residential quarters and vehicles and made no bones about using about 1,700 tons of depleted uranium bombs in Iraq.
    Owing to over decade-long economic sanctions, Iraq suffered an economic loss to the tune of at least 200 billion US dollars and over 1,732,000 Iraqis died of the lack of medicines and insufficient nutrition.
    It is the height of sarcasm that the U.S., a rude violator of the international law, is going to bring heads of state of countries under its military occupation to court, branding them as "criminals of racial purge and massacre" and issues an "annual report on human rights" every year to accuse countries falling out of its favor of the "breach" of the international humanitarian law and human rights convention.
    And the U.S. is now seeking to cook up new norms of international law favorable for the disorganization of anti-U.S. countries, crying for placing human rights above state sovereignty and for "non-proliferation of weapons of mass destruction".
    It is working to lay before the UN General Assembly the institution of a "law on humanitarian interference" to secure a lever of interference in other countries' internal affairs by taking issue with them over their "human rights record". It is also scheming to trump up a so-called convention on the responsibility of states as a legal leverage to "legalize" its interference in the internal affairs and use of armed forces against any sovereign state falling out of favor with it.
    It has rigged up the "PSI" and the "RMSI" aimed at naval blockade against the DPRK and other independent states under the pretext of "non-proliferation of weapons of mass destruction" and is seeking to elevate them to an international regulation.
    It is running about day in and day out to establish a "legal order" for legalizing a preemptive attack and collective armed intervention against the so-called "states of human rights abuses" and "sponsors of terrorism", riding on the crest of the tide of "UN reform" on the occasion of the 60th anniversary of its founding this year.
    The U.S. resorts to extraterritorial acts, disregarding the UN Charter and other international laws which regard the respect for state sovereignty as their fundamental principle.
    It is throwing its weight about outside the framework of the international law, denying the function of the International Criminal Court and refusing to join major international treaties such as the universal nuclear test ban treaty, the UN convention on maritime law, the convention on ban on anti-personnel landmines and the Kyoto protocol on preventing global warming and unilaterally breaching the anti-ballistic missile treaty concluded with Russia.
    The abuses of the lever of the international law by the U.S. today under the cloak of "anti-terrorism", "spread of democracy" and "protection of human rights" are plainly designed to attain its strategic aim of world supremacy. Its indiscreet arbitrariness toward the international law is the root cause of the possible second and third Afghanistan and Iraq.
    The international community should heighten vigilance against the shameless abuses of the international law by the U.S.

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