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Torch of Songgang Demonstrates Might of Unity

Korean Central News Agency of DPRK via Korea News Service (KNS)

    Pyongyang, March 9(KCNA) -- The torch of Songgang is blazing up in the Korean people's general onward march of Songun revolution, inspiring them to a new great revolutionary upsurge. The torch, which was kindled by the workers of Songgang (Songjin Steel Complex) during the "Arduous March" and the forced march as the first signal of normalization of production in the industrial field, fully demonstrated the Korean people's unbreakable unity in mind.
    It was on March 9, Juche 87 (1998) that leader Kim Jong Il visited the complex, one of the nation's major steel producers, to kindle the torch.
    In those days the DPRK had been suffering the worst difficulties in production and construction due to the imperialists' persistent economic sanctions and their moves to isolate and stifle the country, with natural disasters continued for years.
    The complex, too, had suffered the lack of electricity and raw materials for steel production.
    That day Kim Jong Il said that it was imperative to inspire the entire people to a great revolutionary upswing to overcome the difficulties, defend the country and build a great prosperous powerful nation.
    He expressed great confidence in the workers of the complex, mentioning that they should take the lead in the efforts for a fresh upswing as steel makers did in supporting the Workers' Party of Korea with increased steel production whenever the Korean revolution underwent difficulties.
    After the visit he has encouraged the Songgang workers to take the lead in production throughout the county and sent thanks to them on over 20 occasions for their achievements.
    Greatly inspired by this, they put the production on a normal basis and completed a new method of steel production by themselves. Some time ago they manufactured a large-sized oxygen separator and constructed minor power stations, dwelling houses, lodging house, cultural house, duck farm, underground refrigerator, etc. in different parts of the complex.
    The workers across the country, following their example, turned out as one in carrying out many large projects including the Kwangmyongsong Saltern, Youth Hero Motorway, large-scale land-rezoning and natural-flow waterway. Such a thing can be done only in the DPRK where the leader trust in and deeply love the people, while the people, closely united in mind, deeply revere the WPK and the leader.

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