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Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMD)

RS on Unshakable Determination to Defend Korean Style Socialism to Last

Korean Central News Agency of DPRK

    Pyongyang, September 27 (KCNA) -- The Korean People's Army and people will as ever regard the idea and faith of Juche as an eternal lifeline and dynamically make a long journey of the Songun revolution despite any storm and stress, united close around leader Kim Jong Il, Rodong Sinmun Monday says in a signed article. It goes on: The faith of the Korean people is characterized by the firm belief that the path of independence and socialism taken by them is entirely just, their steadfast resolve not to step back even a bit from this road of their own choice and their sincerest desire to hold President Kim Il Sung and Kim Jong Il in high esteem without any vacillation under any changed situation and in any adversity.
    The Korean people's faith being fully displayed in the Songun era represents the noble thought based on the absolute trust in Kim Jong Il and their pride and self-esteem of having a great history, traditions and a wealth of experience in struggle.
    The revolutionary traits of the Korean people strong in idea and faith find a vivid manifestation in that they share their will and destiny with their leader on the road of the Songun revolution and display their patriotic enthusiasm to the full in building a rich and powerful nation with pure conscience and sense of obligation. These traits also find their expression in that they are resolutely defending Korean style socialism with transparent spirit of anti-imperialist struggle.
    Neither honeyed words nor horror strategy on the part of the U.S. imperialists can ever work on the Korean people.
    They are not such type of people who will desert the road of socialism, the path of Juche, in any storm. The U.S. imperialists are resorting to all sorts of despicable moves to bring down the system in the DPRK by destabilizing its society. But nothing can shake the determination and faith of its army and people to defend to the last Korean style socialism, their destiny and lifeline, from a transparent view of anti-imperialist struggle.
    The evermore undisguised moves of the U.S. imperialists to destroy socialism in the DPRK will only reinforce the determination and will of its army and people to finally settle accounts with the enemy and defend their ideology, system and cause to the last.

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