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DPRK Premier Delivers Report at SPA Session

Korean Central News Agency of DPRK

    Pyongyang, March 25 (KCNA) -- Pak Pong Ju, premier of the Cabinet, made a report on the work of the Cabinet in Juche 92 (2003) and its tasks for Juche 93 (2004) at the second session of the 11th Supreme People's Assembly held at the Mansudae Assembly Hall here Thursday. He said that last year the Cabinet made a huge investment in light industry and agriculture for their development while consolidating heavy industry, a foundation of the national defence industry, true to the line of economic construction set forth by the Workers' Party of Korea in the Songun era. As a result, great progress was made in building strong state economic potential as required by the era, he added, and continued:
    The gross industrial output value increased 10 per cent last year as compared with the year before last and the production of major industrial products recorded a remarkable increase: The production of power went up 21 per cent, that of lead and zinc 76 percent, iron ore 46 percent and cement 27 percent.
    The material and technical foundations of heavy industry and other leading sectors were consolidated and the bases for the production of consumer goods and agricultural production bases grew stronger last year.
    Big efforts were directed to the field of power industry. As a result, technical modernization made brisk headway at the existing power stations and plants, making it possible to increase the operation rate and efficiency of generating equipment. In the field of coal industry the number of coal cutting faces increased as tunneling was kept ahead of coal mining. A variety of advanced coal mining methods were introduced to pave the way for increasing the coal production under a long-term plan.
    Big efforts were channeled into the development of the extractive industry to give face-lifting to the Musan Mining Complex, the Komdok Mining Complex and other leading ore mines and put the production on a steady footing. The Kusong Machine Tool Factory was converted into a modern factory equipped with flexible manufacturing system and various types of numerically controlled machine tools. The Rakwon Machine Complex, the Huichon Machine Tool Factory and other leading machine factories made big progress in their reconstruction and modernization.
    The equipment of textile mills as a whole was reconditioned and reinforced, modern equipment was introduced into shoe and garment production bases and many light industry bases were updated.
    New high-yielding strains, the Taehongdan method of potato farming, various double-cropping methods and other advanced farming methods were introduced to agriculture. A foundation was laid to improve the agricultural structure and put farming processes on a scientific basis and huge land realignment and waterway construction projects were pushed ahead to provide a sure guarantee for drastically boosting the grain production.
    Land administration and city management also improved. Big efforts were directed to the development of ultra-modern science and technology and important scientific and technological achievements were made to draw the attention of world scientists.
    The construction in the revolutionary battle sites and revolutionary sites in the area of Mt. Paektu was successfully stepped up and more solid material and technical foundations were laid at leading universities including Kim Il Sung University and schools at all levels. Big progress was made in implementing the WPK's policy of preventive medicine.
    All the achievements made in the field of building economy and culture last year were a shining fruition of the unique Songun revolutionary leadership of the WPK.
    It is the most important task facing the Cabinet this year to make a leaping advance on the front of economy and science, the reporter said, and continued:
    The major tasks facing the economic field this year are to bolster the power, coal and metal industries and railway transport with a view to making a breakthrough in bringing about a surge in production, while channeling great efforts into the light industrial and agricultural production so as to make leaping progress in the national economy as a whole and bring about a decisive turn in improving the standard of the people's living.
    The production of concentrated iron ore should be increased more than 2.3 times as against last year to provide metallurgical plants with sufficient raw materials. The production of pig iron should be boosted 2.5 times and that of rolled steel 5 times to supply them to the field of national defence industry on a preferential basis. Iron and steel needed for repairing equipment should be provided to such fields as power and coal industries and railway transport as planned under whatever conditions.
    In power industry the construction of large hydraulic power stations and minor power stations should be pushed ahead to create additional generating capacity. It is necessary to dynamically push forward the work for an efficient use of electricity by minimizing the loss of electricity in transmission, establishing a strict centralized discipline over the power supply and widely introducing meters.
    In coal industry tunneling should be kept ahead of coal mining, the number of coal cutting faces should be increased and the production of coal should be boosted through responsible service work to satisfactorily meet the need for coal in munitions industry and key domains of the national economy.
    In railway transport over 20 percent more freight than last year should be hauled this year. In extractive industry the concentrated lead and zinc ore production should be increased, actual smelting rate should be raised and positive measures should be taken to develop precious and rare metal mines under a long-term plan. In chemical industry such chemical industry bases as those for the production of vinyl chloride and sodium carbonate, essential for improving the people's living standard, should be readjusted and reinforced and a vigorous drive should be waged to put production at the chemical factories on a normal track..
    The agricultural field should undertake a dynamic drive to implement the WPK's policies on bringing about a signal turn in seed selection and potato farming and on doing double-cropping and take positive measures to improve the supply of materials needed for farming and the agricultural management and operation.
    Big efforts should be directed to increasing the area of fields under bean and improving cereal processing. Storing and processing bases of various capacities should be built on a large scale in the areas where potato and sweet potato are grown and new type rice-processing equipment and oil refining processes should be introduced to drastically improve people's diet.
    The light industrial field should put production on a normal track at essential foodstuff factories, textile mills and daily necessities factories that underwent reconstruction and modernization and remarkably increase the production of consumer goods. This year the production of fabrics should be increased 73 per cent and that of footwear 53 per cent.
    Efforts should be exerted to develop the science and technology of the country and intensify the scientific and technological exchange with other countries. In this way the work to introduce advanced science and technology of other countries should be purposefully pushed forward in keeping with the specific conditions of the Korean revolution so as to make them serve the nation's interests.
    In order to significantly expand and develop foreign trade it is necessary to concentrate state efforts on such promising fields as extractive, metal and building materials industries to build exports production bases on a large scale based on ultra-modern science and technology. Particularly, the quality of major commodities in great demand which mainly depend on locally available rich raw materials should be raised to the world's level for their high competitive edge on the international market.
    All domains and units of the national economy should wage a mass movement to build their own strong export bases, expand and develop foreign trade in a multifaceted manner and encourage equity and contractual joint ventures on an extensive scale in the direction of introducing advanced science and technology. They should conduct substantial cooperation for economic development with various international organizations in keeping with the changed environment and conditions.
    All the officials in charge of economic guidance should steadily perfect the methods of economic guidance and management and business management on the socialist principle and the principle of ensuring profitability in keeping with the specific conditions to meet the people's desire and modify and supplement laws and regulations on economic management as required by the developing reality.
    Referring to the tasks to be fulfilled by the Cabinet to successfully carry out this year's plan through its increased function and role, Pak called for establishing orderly economic guidance and management system and strictly applying the Songun political mode of the WPK and actively learning from the fighting trait and working method created by the People's Army.

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