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U.S. Condemned for Pulling Up DPRK over Drug Issue

Korean Central News Agency of DPRK

    Pyongyang, March 5 (KCNA) -- A spokesman for the DPRK Foreign Ministry gave the following answer to the question raised by KCNA today as regards the U.S. renewed smear campaign against the DPRK over the "drug issue". The U.S. State Department in an "annual report on drug control" on March 1 preposterously asserted that the DPRK is considering drug trafficking as a "state policy".
    This mud-slinging is a product of the U.S. policy of isolating and stifling DPRK. It is no more than a foolish plot to tarnish the image of the dignified DPRK.
    The DPRK, a state guided by the man-centered Juche idea, bans by law the use, transaction and production of drug which renders people mentally deformed. The import of spiritual stimulants for scientific research is under a strict state control and in this field the DPRK has long maintained a close contact and cooperation with the International Narcotic Control Board in this field.
    The U.S. had better settle the problem of the fin de siecle drug-related crimes rife in the American society before exercising the super- state "authority," which no one granted to it, to slander others.
    The more frequently the U.S. releases annual reports to impair the prestige of others, the more saliently they will reveal its social corruption and weakness.
    The U.S. would be well advised to mind its own business.

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