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North-South Economic Meeting Held

Korean Central News Agency of DPRK

    Seoul, March 5 (KCNA Correspondent) -- The 8th meeting of the North-South Committee for the Promotion of Economic Cooperation was held in Seoul from March 2 to 5. Present there from the north side were members of its delegation led by Choe Yong Gon, vice-minister of Construction and Building-Materials Industries who is the north side's chairman of the committee, and suite members.
    At the meeting the north side had a discussion with the south side after advancing reasonable proposals to energetically push ahead with the overall economic cooperation between the two sides this year, proceeding from the stand of promoting national cooperation including the issue of vigorously accelerating the project of reconnecting rail and road links between the two sides and building the Kaesong Industrial Zone as a model zone of high international competitive edge.
    The north side put forward a series of realistic proposals for cooperation including the issue of building a power plant in the Kaesong Industrial Zone but they failed to get a due response from the south side.
    At the meeting both sides adopted an agreement after having a discussion on the issues of economic cooperation to pave the way for achieving the common prosperity of the nation in the basic spirit of the June 15 joint declaration.
    The agreement says:
    Firstly, the north and the south agreed to push forward the development of the Kaesong Industrial Zone to ensure that enterprises start operation soon after the completion of 10,000-phyong site in the demonstration industrial zone within the first half of this year. They also agreed to positively step up the infrastructural construction in the one million-phyong development area at the first-phase and cooperate with each other in the efforts to enable enterprises to move to the area on a phased basis, depending on the completion of the site from next year.
    To this end, they agreed to settle such issues as institution and proclamation of regulations on enforcing laws in the Kaesong Industrial Zone and the organization and operation of an industrial zone management body within March and exert efforts to timely ensure the power supply, communications, etc. in a commercial way in order to help enterprises smoothly start production.
    Secondly, they agreed to open to traffic a trial train service in the feasible railway sections between Onjong-ri and Jojin on the east coast and between Kaesong and Munsan on the west coast at the first phase within this year and finish the projects of paving the roads on the east and west coasts at the earliest possible date.
    To this end, they agreed to discuss issues of cooperating in the provision of designs, equipment and materials needed for the construction of railway stations and other projects on both lines within the framework of providing those necessary for the start of he service.
    Thirdly, they agreed to actively cooperate with each other in the efforts to decide at an early date on the program for the development of Mt. Kumgang tourist area and specify provisions and build other institutional mechanism so as to reenergize the tourism of the mountain.
    Fourthly, as an economic cooperation consultation office is expected to open along with the industrial zone development office for the purpose of expanding direct deals in the Kaesong Industrial Zone within the first half of this year, they agreed to start their operation after going through consultation and procedures and actively cooperate with each other to revamp the non-governmental-level economic cooperation.
    Fifthly, they agreed to adopt an agreement on the flood control along the River Rimjin by way of exchanging documents and start the survey of it from April according to the agreement.
    Sixthly, they agreed to realize the visit to the north by the south side's economic study group and the visit to the south by the north side's working economic study group as early as possible, depending on an agreement.
    Seventhly, they agreed to hold the 9th meeting of the committee in Pyongyang from June 2 to 5.
    They agreed to hold the 4th meeting of the Panel for the Reconnection of Rail and Road Links and the 3rd meeting of the Panel for Flood Control along the River Rimjin in Kaesong in the latter half of March and the 3rd meeting of the Panel for the Settlement of Accounts in Phaju in mid-March.

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