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Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMD)

10 March 2004 - North Korea Special Weapons News

  • KCNA Urges U.S. to Make Switchover in Its Policy toward DPRK KCNA 10 Mar 2004 -- U.S. State Secretary Powell at a meeting held in Washington D.C. on March 2 reiterated a unilateral assertion that north Korea should dismantle its nukes in a verifiable and irreversible manner.
  • KCNA on False Report of Amnesty International KCNA 10 Mar 2004 -- Amnesty International in a recent report titled "poverty of right, human rights and shortage of food in DPRK" pulled up the DPRK.
  • U.S. Urged to Discontinue Its Military Racket against DPRK KCNA 10 Mar 2004 -- Recently the United States has posed a serious threat to the DPRK while pushing forward in real earnest its plan for developing "space weapons", massively concentrating its aggression forces onto the Asia-Pacific region and staging very provocative military rackets such as large-scale joint military exercises in south Korea with the six-way talks for the settlement of the nuclear issue on the Korean peninsula as a momentum.
  • U.S. Urged to Make Switchover in Its Policy toward DPRK KCNA 10 Mar 2004 -- At the second round of the six-way talks the U.S. totally ignored the flexible and most magnanimous proposal of the DPRK and again insisted on its old assertion that the DPRK should abandon its nuclear program first, saying that the U.S. may discuss the DPRK's concerns only when it scraps its nuclear program in a complete, verifiable and irreversible manner.
  • U.S. Aggressive Design Remains Unchanged KCNA 10 Mar 2004 -- The U.S. imperialists' aggressive design on the Democratic People's Republic of Korea has become all the more pronounced. They have worked out "New Operation Plan 5026", an adventurous and dangerous nuclear war plan aimed at making a nuclear surprise and preemptive attack on the DPRK with its forces in south Korea and around the Korean peninsula.
  • S. Korean Delegation Arrives KCNA 10 Mar 2004 -- A delegation of the Headquarters for the Promotion of Joint National Functions in south Korea with Han Sang Ryol, permanent representative of the Reunification Solidarity for the Implementation of the June 15 South-North Joint Declaration and Peace on the Korean Peninsula
  • High-Level KEDO Delegation Here KCNA 10 Mar 2004 -- A high-level delegation of the Korean Peninsula Energy Development Organization arrived here by air on March 9.
  • National Memorial Service for Kim Il Held KCNA 10 Mar 2004 -- A national memorial service for revolutionary fighter Kim Il was held at the People's Palace of Culture here Tuesday on the occasion of his 20th death anniversary.
  • TAIPOWER URGES PYONGYANG TO OFFER WORLD-STANDARD NUCLEAR WASTE DUMP CNA 10 Mar 2004 -- Taiwan Power Co. (Taipower) said Wednesday that North Korea should provide it with an exclusive nuclear waste dump in line with international requirements to facilitate the enforcement of a radioactive waste disposal contract between the company and Pyongyang.

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