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Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMD)

01 April 2003

U.S. Imposes Penalties on North Korean, Pakistani Entities

(April 1 State Department statement) (250)
The State Department released a statement April 1 explaining penalties
imposed March 24 on North Korean and Pakistani entities under U.S.
missile sanctions law.
Following is the text
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Office of the Spokesman
April 1, 2003
Statement by Philip T. Reeker, Deputy Spokesman
North Korea-Pakistan: Missile-Related Sanctions And Executive Order
12938 Penalties
There has been some confusion regarding the penalties that were
imposed March 24 on the Pakistani entity Khan Research Laboratories
(KRL) under Executive Order 12938, as amended, and the penalties that
were imposed March 24 on the North Korean entity, Changgwang Sinyong
Corporation under the missile sanctions law. These sanctions were for
a specific missile-related transfer.
Changgwang Sinyong Corporation is a North Korean missile marketing
entity and has been sanctioned repeatedly in the past for its
missile-related exporting behavior. Changgwang Sinyong Corporation
transferred missile-related technology to KRL. The United States made
a determination to impose penalties on both Changgwang Sinyong
Corporation and KRL as a result of this specific missile-related
transfer. These sanctions do not pertain to any other activity,
including nuclear-related ones. We informed the Congress on March 12
that the Administration had carefully reviewed the facts relating to
the possible transfer of nuclear technology from Pakistan to North
Korea, and decided that the facts do not warrant the imposition of
sanctions under applicable U.S. laws.
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