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Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMD)

North Korea Weekly (June 9 - June 15, 2003)

Inside North Korea

Kim Jong Il made an inspection visit to Air Force unit 855 of the Korean People's Army (KPO) on June 9. During his visit, he encouraged the servicemen to perform to the utmost of their abilities. On the following day, he gave on-site instructions and guidance during his visit to Mt. Jangsu Resort and a fish farm. On June 13, another on-site guidance was conducted during Kim's visit to a goat breeding farm in Bongsan county, Northern Hwanghae province.

The North Korean Central Broadcasting Station reported on June 15 that "as of May 31, 20 million units of 'People's Livelihood Bonds' have been sold nationwide" and "programs are being implemented to reward and provide benefits to those exemplary individuals who have actively been engaged in the purchase of bonds."

The North Korean Central Broadcasting Station propagandized that "election committees, which have been organized at the provincial, municipal, county and military levels, are in the process of carrying out preparatory work for the 11th election of the Supreme People's Assembly (SPA)."

International Issues

On June 9, the Korean Central News Agency claimed in its editorial entitled "Our Nuclear Deterrent Power is Not a Means of Threat" that "we have no choice but to possess nuclear deterrent power as the Bush Administration continues to pose nuclear threat vis-a-vis North Korea."

The Central Committee of the DPRK Red Cross Society issued a statement on June 9 in which it criticized the Japanese authorities for their act of suspending service to the freighter Mangyongbong-92, claiming that such acts "quell spirit of humanitarianism."

Inter-Korean Issues

On the occasion of the first anniversary of the death of Shim Hyo Sun and Shin Mi Son, an event was held to pay tribute to the memory of the two South Korean schoolgirls. Kim Kyong Ho, First Secretary of Kim Il Sung Socialist Youth Alliance, and the leading members of the northern chapter of Bomchonghakryon attended the event.

The North Korean Broadcasting Station propagandized on June 14 that "an event was held to commemorate the linking of North-South and East-West railways on the occasion of the third anniversary of the South-North Joint Declaration" and "this event is a manifestation of unfaltering will of the people of North and South to fasten the pace of reunification."

The North Korean Broadcasting Station reported on June 15 that "'Grand Festival for National Reunification' was held in Pyongyang to mark the third anniversary of the historic June 15 North-South Joint Declaration." Attending the event were Kim Yong Nam, Kim Yong Dae and Ahn Kyong Ho.

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