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Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMD)

WEEKLY NK NEWS (2000. 12.18 - 12.24)

North Korean defense committee chairman, Kim Jong-il, accompanied by party, government and military high-ranking executives, paid field instruction visits to Hwanghae Namdo land adjustment project (Dec. 18) and pharmaceutical institute and syringe factory (Dec.19), made an inspection visit to peoples army 2752nd unit (Dec.24) and watched a music and dance general performance by the peoples army concert group (Dec.19) and a performance by peoples army merit chorus (Dec. 24).

In domestic activities:
On the occasion of the 9th anniversary of defense committee chairman Kim Jong-il's accession to the supreme commandership (Dec. 24) and Kim Jung-sook's 83rd birthday anniversary (Dec.24), a central report meeting (Dec. 23) was held in the presence of high-ranking executives including Kim Young-nam, Jo Myung-rok and Hong Sung-nam with peoples military power division holding a commemorative meeting for loyalty at the battle victory square.

In foreign activities:
In connection with the conclusion of a treaty of amity with the U.K (Dec. 12), Rodong Shinmun (Dec.18) commentary insisted on the need to develop amicable and collaborative relations with all the countries in the world and criticized (Dec.22), with regard to Japan, the decision on the increased medium-term defense budget in Japan as a maneuver to increase armed invasion capabilities, assuming preemptive action against the North.

Meanwhile, with regard to the North-South issue, 3rd North-South military working-level talks were held (Dec.21) at Tongilgak in the North side region of Panmunnjum. Minminjun, broadcasting, covert propaganda toward the South (Dec. 24), insisted that the current regime's decision to deal strictly with the banking staff walkout under appropriate law is to trample the basic rights of the laborers.

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